Equi=Tech balanced power on Meridian system

Anyone ever hook up an entire Meridian digital stereo or theater system cd/dvd/processor/speakers/subs on one Equi=Tech balanced power unit? The entire system must be on the Equi=tech due to groundplane and Meridian digital communications issues. I would also be interested in anyone who has hooked up one of these to a projector or other equipment.
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I probably would have never totally believed it if I had not heard it in my own home on my personal stereo components. To be blunt and to the point, my stereo system sounded good; however, after I integrated the Equi=Tech 2Q power balancer into my components, the entire system sounded like it got an injection of steroids at the highest dose possible! I am one very satisfied customer!

The first few days that I used the model 2Q I listened to a dozen of my audiophile recordings that I always use for the purpose of demonstration and comparison. I immediately noticed the lower floor noise; wider, greater depth and definition of sound stage; increased resolution, including more details; better vocal and instrumental harmony; and bigger deeper bass resolution.

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I hope this is helpful!
I've heard from a sales rep at Ambrosia audio that the Equ-Tech was an incredible improvement. I was looking at the T1000 (lower cost). Should one do this before preamp upgrades? thanks
Any Equi=Tech (or similar product) would improve your sound regardless of your set up. I would think it's a 50/50 decision as to what to do first. I guess it depends what preamp you have and what you are thinking about purchasing. If you care to elaborate on your components, some one could give you a better educated answer.
I just installed an Equitech 2Q with my system and I'm very happy with it. Both audio and video performance has gone to another level. Must have a dedicated circuit for best results (at least in my case).


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