Equi=Tech 1.5Q, ExactPower 2000, Balanced Pwr Tech

Has anyone tried the Equi=Tech 1.5q, Exact Power 2000 or Balanced Power Tech products? What do you think? Any problems with amplifier hum?

Hi Nathanu:
I have the ET 1.5Q and think it's great. No problems whatsoever. Regards, JimL
I have an Equi=Tech 2Q and Exact Power 2000. I started with a PS P300 but wanted to be able to run my whole system. I live in an apartment complex with old wiring--about as bad as it gets. I think the Exact cleaned up my video better than the P300 and the system sounds the same now regardless of time of day. I run everything from the Exact to the Equi=Tech and have not tested the Equi=Tech on its own.

Amplifier hum is a slight problem when my amps are first turned on but is not audible after about 30 seconds. I have heard from others that this can be a more serious problem than in my case--also with the PS Audio Power Plants. I have also heard this can sometimes be resolved with changes in power cords or interconnects.

I also noticed an improvement in dynamics when I found a unused dedicated 20 amp circuit that had been put in for an airconditioner at some point (had been on a 15 amp circuit with lots of other stuff). So, if you don't have dedicated circuits, that might also be something to look into. Check the link to my Answers for some other threads on this topic.
Hi Nathanu, I`ll throw in my 2 cents just to balance out the choices here. I have the BPT BP2.5 Ultra for my whole hometheater system and am totally impressed with it`s performance. I live in the country so my power doesn`t flucuated much but it`s just as dirty. This was never noticable til I hooked up the conditioner. I have 3 light dimmers in my theater room and they have no affect on the BPT. Nothing does. I have a dead silent ground noise thruout my 6.1 system. IMHO, unless you have a flucuating power voltage problem that`s prevelent in big city power grids, I would recommend the BPT conditioner and save yourself some money. Enjoy, Robin