Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800

Anybody know anything about these things, Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies? Are they any good? Not looking to buy snake oil. Considering possibly purchasing without auditioning to run Levinson 23.5 amp, Proceed AVP 2, Ayre Codex DAC, Proceed CDD. Anyone? Thanks
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Yes they are very good.
I agree 100% with aniwolfe!
@luvrockin - Please let me know if the factory can help. I'm at the LAAS Show but here to assist. 

Please reference the latest review on TONEAudio -

New reviews are about to publish on Stereotimes - Audiophilia and Headphone Guru 

There are some stellar prices right now because of the LAAS Show - feel free to contact me if interested.


or via cell at 720.317.9141 (cell - text or call)

Best wishes,

I have the 1200. It replaces my longtime reference, the Exactpower EP15A. Trust me, the 1200 is the real deal. Extremely low noise floor. I have a single ended triode driving high efficiency speakers and the system is dead quiet. The system has black backgrounds that bring out fine, inner detail deep within the recordings. More control of dynamic swings. The system sounds more "punchy". Almost like notes are faster, meaning they start and stop faster. More "attack" when needed. Conversely, when notes are supposed to decay, they do so very convincingly....like the shimmer of a cymbal that goes on and on....if that makes sense.
In complex orchestral passages, I can hear more separation of musicians onstage.

I have no relation or affiliation with the company. I’m just a very satisfied owner of a great product. I don’t think it’s a giant-killer, I think it probably IS the giant.

devilboy, thank you for you response. I actually purchased the 1800 the other day. I don’t usually do this type of purchase without and audition. I spoke to Mark from Core Power Tech and he was very convincing. The thing is, how do you know if you have dirty power or not? I have a Fluke scope monitoring my incoming power. The sign wave is partially clipped at the top of the wave and there is noticeable pattern/square pattern running on the neutral. I believe this is noise but am not positive. Hopefully this cleans this all up. Do you have your amp plugged in to the 1200 as well?
I've read a couple of early reviews during the past couple of days and just called Mark at the number above. 

He is the real deal; honest, out for the best thing he can do for the music he loves, and has a long and successful history with audio.  Not only that, he really cares about his customers.

We started talking as strangers for probably 30 minutes and hung up as friends. 

I ordered the 1800 and some power cords.  Will post my thoughts after I receive it and have time for a listen.

@luvrockin...yeah I guess measurements may say one thing but the ultimate test is if it sounds better with the 1800 in the chain. After I sold my Exactpower and waited for the 1200 to arrive, I had everything going to the wall and it wasn’t nice at all. Maybe sounded good to some but I knew what my sytem was capable of.

Technically I have three amps into the 1200...my main amp and EACH Rethm Trishna has an internal amp powering two 6.5" drivers.

I should’ve bitten the bullet and ordered the 1800 just so I can run my plasma on it too. I’m sure my power consumtion for the whole system is still so low I could do it anyway but I don’t want to take any chances. Plasmas draw a lot.

Enjoy your 1800. Mark has hit it out of the park with these.
Great to hear, looking forward to it's arrival 
Has anyone compared the CPT power equipment to any of PS Audio regenerators?
Yes I had a PS Audio PPP for several years before trying the Equi=Core 1200 and was pretty happy with it.  No contest. Sold my PS Audio unit soon after. I was quite surprised that the PS Audio PPP was bested by such a margin. The CPT units have such a low noise floor that they allow so much more information to be heard. Overall dynamics and bass are much better too. You will here it as soon as you plug it into your system. It improves with breaking though for several weeks.

@jzzmusician - thanks so much Bob - feel exactly the same way - so glad to know you


Lynn can send you an 1800 while I'm in travel super easy just sat the word LK 

BTW - we sent you a new 300 to enjoy 😊 Your 150 was fine - but Lynn upgraded you 👍


many thanks for sure


feel free to email me re Regen Comparisons 


😊 Thanks so much 

Should make it home Friday - I'm glad - I'm pooped 

Best to all


Tuffy thanks for your response and evaluation. I also spoke to Walter from Underwood Hifi and after a detailed discussion, I purchased the CPT 1800. Looking forward to compare it to my PS P3.
I've made a few transactions with CPT and spoke with Mark numerous times on the phone and this is the best damn customer service I've had in 21 years in this madness.

I was listening earlier when I received my 1800 yesterday and tried it out for size. Wow!!! To sum it up, amazing would be an understatement. Initially all of my components were cold including the 1800 because I had everything unplugged for quite a while. As they all warmed up and started listening, I began to hear things/sounds in familiar music I never heard before. There was more separation in imaging. How is this possible? I thought my system sounded great before and now it’s over the top. Speaking with Mark earlier and from what I understand, after the first 150hrs or so of burn in, it gets even better. I can’t imagine that but am excited to see for myself. Mark @ CPT is truly a straight up guy and the customer service I’ve received is phenomenal. I purchased the upgraded power cord for the 1800 which hasn’t arrived yet. Can wait to hear the difference it may make.
@luvrockin.....yes, please let us know. I couldn’t be happier with my 1200. Solid, well built and makes the system sound incredible.
Good Afternoon...

It's always nice when true professionals listen to your work and find it wonderful -

This from one real gentleman and from someone with a serious "ear"... 

So pleased and proud to share this...


Very sincere thanks to Anthony and Audiophilia - please enjoy...

Happy Father's Day...

Best to all,


I picked up an 1800 model of these up at LAAS and had it for a couple of weeks. Best purchase for our rig ever!!. Just for back round about our rig....Wyred 4 Sound SX1000's, STP Preamp, DAC2-DSD, KEF LS-50's, Fritz Grove Loudpeakers, ADS MS-4 Subwoofer, and VPI Prime turntable with Soundsmith AIDA, We also have a Jolida JD9 phonostage.

Even though this rig is not cheap, it is by no means the most you could spend here. Although I too, felt that it did well with just a decent APC power strip($200MSRP), which is way better than much garbage available elsewhere, It still was not quite what we hoped for let alone afford. We wanted a decent solution for conditioning power that in our home is already noisy, just like any other standard issue track house with contractor grade 49 cent duplex outlets. Everything I looked at was well over 3K as well as the cost of having an electrician charge thousands more for a real live dedicated line, like any proper listening room. If my power was analogous to drinking water...It was like drinking out of a sewer pipe.
When we bought the Core Power Technologies 1800, with the upgraded power plug(gorgeous even on its own) we expected a mild improvement knowing full well of our situation with our supplied power. So in this case, hoping for just rancid tap water-like power at best.....

Then came the surprise!!

What already IMHO was a very competent rig to begin with, It began to breath new life.....Highs were even more extended, more natural decay, darker black back round in which,  razor sharp focus on a what is now a huge soundstage without any harshness. There is prodigious amounts of tightly controlled bass, feeling way more solid than even before, which was better than many rigs we have heard already without one of these..

What happened? Did I just get into a pure mountain lake full of unspoiled clean power teaming with life?

THAT's what this rig sounds like now. SO not normal in a good way! The best part, we tried a smaller version designed for an individual component  Core 300, which is a pretty trick with enough power to handle a smaller well designed small to mid sized integrated amp,(about 2.5 -3 amps) that has a really nice power cord integrated into the chassis. Very compact for what it is, but yet will make even a modest piece sound like you spent a fortune! 

This is such an amazing piece that should literally be the 'core' of any rig, even before you select other pieces IMHO, especially after going from listening(kind of like drinking sewage) to totally clean power (kind of like drinking from an unspoiled water from a stream high into the mountains). Well thought out product, available in just about ANY size imaginable. I plan on getting one for when we eventually build a theater sound system downstairs. Thank you SO much for what I thought was a hopeless power situation in our home without spending tens of thousands.!!
You guys are killing me!!!

I ordered mine last Tuesday and it should be arriving anytime.  I can't wait to hear the difference.

I have Quad 2805's and I'm certain they will benefit from the cleaner power.

Can't wait!

Bob, you are in for a real treat!! Got my upgraded power cord for my 1800. This piece is like the gift that keeps on giving. I swear to god, it keeps getting better sounding every night I listen to it and.....it's not completely burned in yet. I admit I was skeptical at the time of the purchase. How can dirty power have this effect? The best part is, I didn't know it was dirty. I never had any other trouble. Once it arrived, it's a different ballgame and now with the upgraded cord......my already badass system sounds even more unbelievable. The sound is now so refined and being hard to describe, you can almost  hear the stick tap a cymbal before you get the shimmer. This is not bs by any stretch. The low end is tight, controlled and sometimes growls in a couple parts of familiar tunes. I never noticed this, it's that low. My soundstage extends well past my B&W 801's.  Once again hard to explain,  the imaging is unreal. "Helplessly Hoping" by CSN is great to listen to. Stephen Stills is centered directly in front of you , Graham Nash is placed on the far left and David Crosby far right, so amazing when the harmonize together. Dire Straits- In The Gallery, Mark Knofflers guitar seams to come out of the air. I listen to a lot of Dire Straits and their stuff sounds awesome. I am so impressed, I'm now contemplating trying the upgraded power cords in place of my Transparent Audio Premiums. I'm open to any of your thoughts on this one.

Lastly, this one takes the cake!

My wife and I watched a movie last night. I really don't care much about home theater and the 15 different surround processes. I am locked into Dolby 5.1  with my Proceed AVP 6+2, which suits me fine. Anyway, I have a lesser expensive Epson projector for viewing along with an Oppo 105 Bluray DVD plugged into a Furman Elite which is also plugged into my 1800. We have NEVER had a picture so clear, colorful with deep, rich blacks, omg unbelievable. I would highly recommend the Core Products 1800 and upgraded power cord to anyone in the power conditioning market!!!


My 1800 landed today and lucky for me, I also had the day off.  I've had it running for a couple of hours now would like to share some of my initial impressions.

It's heavy.  I'm not an electronics guy, but something in there weighs a ton.  The 1800 is listed at 65 lbs and I believe them.  I also ordered three additional power cables.

I plugged in the 1800, my Primaluna Dialogue HP, my buget PS Audio NuWave dac and my even more budget Cambridge Audio CD transport.

The components drive my Quad 2805s which were customized my Kent at Electrostatic Solution with every available option.  Got some budget Nordost speaker cables, Anti cable interconnects and a Kimber cable from the transport to the dac.

In the world of Hi Fi, I've got a "buy everything used," starter system. 

But the damn thing makes music!!!

So the first thing that happened was the Equi=Core 1800 blew up my speakers.  I listened to them all day yesterday and when I plugged in the 1800 they just blew up. 

Where yesterday I had two speakers, "there," and "there," now I simply had a sound stage in front of me!  It was the darnedest thing!  I keep looking at the speakers trying to hear the music coming from them and it just doesn't happen anymore.  Now the sound from the bass player is "right there," which is just inside of the right speaker, the horn section is off to the left somewhere and the vocals are right where they're supposed to be.

Somehow I've got deeper and tighter, (as in significantly tighter) bass, more air, more speed, (and that's no mean feat with Quads) a wider sound stage, and overall a much cleaner, musical presentation.  The notes sound "rounder" and dynamics are better. 

I guess you could say that it sounds like music. 

As you can see from my system I'm not a gearhead.  I listen to music first and gear like third or fourth. 

I would recommend this to anybody.  Period.

I've probably got another 6 hours before I head to bed.  Gotta go listen to some more music.

-- Bob


  Take my word for it, as Mark from Core Power Tech told me "IT GETS EVEN BETTER" and believe me, it does! Mine did exactly what you described as well and now is dialed in more. I listen to my system every night since I received it last Monday and I heard a difference in sound every single night up to yesterday. I think that may have completed the burn in period. Now it is just plain sweet. A totally great investment in my eyes. Still tossing around trying 5 more of the upgraded cables in place of my TA premiums. Not sure how that will fair. Anyway, sit back and enjoy. Your experience will get even better.

@luvrockin, @jazzmusican,
Is all of your audio gear including amp plugged into your 1200 and/or 1800?
Yes, everything for listening in to the 1800. I have my DVD and projector plugged into a Furman Elite which is also plugged into the 1800. I don't exactly know if that is right or wrong but so far, even my video is over the top.
I'm completely plugged in.  Amp, dac and transport.
I ask because: I've been trying to decide if my integrated tube amp (Allnic T-1500) sounds better when plugged into the 1800 or into the Furutech GTX-D wall outlet (both AC outlets are on different dedicated breakers).
I was skeptical at first but mine has opened up more since plugging it into the 1800, so I'm leaving it that way.
I put my plasma on my 1200 and I couldn't believe the difference.
 I'll post my findings later when I get more time.

I have my 2 Atmosphere M-60's amps plugged into my 1800 along with my Preamp and 85" Samsung 4K TV.
I have also thought about trying to go direct to the wall with the amps just to hear the difference. In my situation though one of the power cords would be a little too short to reach the wall so I haven't tried it yet.

Interested in your findings. 

So here's a question;

Do you turn the Equi=Core "off" when not in use, or just leave it on?
I leave my 1200 on all the time.
Yes, leave it on. It won't hurt it at all and it sounds best at operating temp.
I agree, leave it on 24/7.
Dear A=Gon Friends,

I apologize to all of you for being generally absent for a few weeks. We had a wonderful LAAS with Walter Liederman (underwoodwally) from Emerald Physics + Underwood Hifi.

Wally is in recovery from Prostate Cancer surgery and besides the "normal" business at Core Power - I am answering ALL of Walter's calls for Emerald and Underwoodwally... :) :) :)

It's been a crazy few weeks. 


Thank you for this amazing review and commentary... I was really glad to meet you in person in LA - very enjoyable. Really glad you are enjoying -

We call the EQUI=CORE FOUNDATIONAL Power - this should be decision 1 IMHO. Once you have clean power - the rest gets much better. 

Thanks again...


Ditto here - thanks so much for your comments. The 1200 and 1800 are really making themselves known - Great Success here for these. 

You have also unearthed another VITAL issue. The E=C units just KILL on Projectors and Flat Panels. I have demoed this for Video Industry Execs to dropped jaws. I can clearly demonstrate the improved Blacks and Overall Noise. I know devilboy recently did this as well (to his own dropped jaw :))

@jzzmusician - thank you as well. Really great to read this praise. I also agree with you about overall system Clarity and Resolution (Speed too) - I completely loose my speakers to the music with my CPT 1800 and 1200 in the system. It's really quite beguiling. 

I have more to thank - but my wife and I have an appointment today - so I'm out for now. 

For those of you that pray - please keep Walter in your prayers. Recovery is going slow - but the surgery was a complete success...

Thank you so very much -

Mark and Lynn
Mark, your a class act!! So glad I was able to do business with you and receive such a great product in return. I'm still kicking around trying (5) more of those upgraded cords like we discussed via text lol.

Firstly I wish Walter a speedy recovery and a return to normalisy!

Secondly; can anyone address the difference between the Emerald Physics Conductor One power cord and the new upgrades power cord?
Construction, wire gauge, sound?
After extensive listening tests, my LM 508 IA Integrated SET Amp sounds best plugged into the EC 1200. It's an Outstanding unit and not many can even come close...

Our prayers and thoughts with Wally during and after his recovery. Hopefully all went well so far and look forward to his return. Mark has been awesome for all of us🎶😎
Will definitely keep Walter in our prayers as he progress through a tough recovery. Thinking and praying for you too Mark, knowing how hectic things can get when one single person gets sick or ill.

I am a proud and pleased owner of an 1800, from which my Music Reference RM 200 tube amp puts out 200 watts into the nominal 4ohm Magnepan 3.7s.  Seriously considering replacing the RM 200 with a pair of Merrill Veritas mono blocks.
I understand the Veritas and other class D amps are particularly sensitive to power cords and conditioners. Do you folks have any insight into how well the Veritas and 1800 might integrate? Thanks. Jim
@jstat, I'm thinking that because the1800 is balanced power you would be good to go. Regarding power cords IMO its a matter of experimentation, and/or research to see what others that have the Merrill Veritas mono blocks have used with success.
Hello everyone.  Bear with me because I'm no expert on describing video quality but I know when I see something that looks good, and when something doesn't. So, here goes...
For the past couple of weeks, I've been watching my plasma TV while it's been plugged into my Equi=Core 1200 and my TV has never looked like this.  It's not just the blacker backgrounds that people with good video quality always preach about.  The images are sharper.   Watching without the 1200, the edges are more fuzzy. With it, images are more distinct and clearly displayed.  There's more of a contrast between foregrounds and backgrounds which adds a greater sense of depth. 
     Colors are more saturated and vivid.  There's more "pop", if you will.  It's just a cleaner display overall.  I've mentioned this briefly earlier but yes, the blacks are blacker. A lot actually. The 1200 makes viewing blacks without a 1200 look grayish.  
     Make no mistake...these aren't,"squint til you think you see a difference", improvements.  Just the opposite actually.  When I first turned on the TV while being fed balanced power my eyes opened wide and all I could say was "wow". 
     I was blind to all of these observations prior to the 1200.  I always thought my picture was fantastic.  Originally, I wasn't even going to use the 1200 for my TV.   I just plugged it in to see if it made a difference because I was curious.  Now, I'm deciding what audio component to sacrifice as I'm running out of outlets.  Yes, the TV looks so good I'm removing something else from one of the 8 outlets to give the plasma a spot. 

I love this product. It's built like a tank and delivers the goods. My audio system sounds better than ever before and my TV looks fantastic.  I never thought something could improve upon my ExatcPower EP15A voltage regenerator but I've found something that does and I'm thrilled with it. 
     Oh, and I've been in this madness for 21 years and had my share of ups and downs with bad equipment and lousy customer service. Core Power Technologies is phenomenal gear and Mark is a class act.  I couldn't be happier.
Love mine too. Never thought power conditioning would play such an important role and have such impact. I won't go without it again. This is my first real product I've ever plugged everything into it, amps and all. I don't even want to consider trying another one to see if it sounded better. I'm totally satisfied with my Equi=Core 1800!! 
I sent an inquiry a week ago, maybe more, and haven't heard back. Maybe you guys can help me: do you know if the make 220V units?
@lewinskih01: yes, they make 220V units.
Thank you lak!

I wonder why they aren't replying. 

My system is a purpose-built optimized computer with lab linear power supply, a DAC, a class AB tube amp for midrange and trebble, class D mono blocks for midbass, and a couple of powered subwoofers. Feeding from dedicated lines.

Do you guys have a point of view as to getting an Equi=Core 1800 and plug everything in there vs buying a 50W unit for the DAC and a 1200W for the tube and class D amps, or even one for the tube amp and another for the class D amps? And subwoofers plugged to the wall.

This was another question for the manufacturer, but...

Thank you!
@lewinskih01 I have experimented both ways that you are asking about. Personally, I think you are better off purchasing the 1200 or 1800 and plugging everything into it. For me, it created a quieter background with more detail.
The last couple of pages on this thread should explain why you have not heard back from Mark yet. He provides a website and phone number to call. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/has-anyone-tried-these-stunning-new-cpt-power-cord?page=16

My apologies for the lack of reply...

There are two ways to get to me quickly -

e-mail at corepowertech@outlook.com

or my phone - 720.317.9141

The contact on our site is STILL not working correctly - my apologies...

I'm pretty quick if contacted by e-mail as above...

My sincerest apologies...

Beyond that - my wife and I are leaving our small apartment for a bit larger home shortly and we are madly packing - same for the office - we are moving to better digs at home... :)

Packing for Emerald Physics and Core Power has been quite a chore here - we've been in this building for almost 5 years...

Many thanks

Hello All...

We are very grateful as always for the wonderful support and well-wishes we are receiving. 

I wanted all of you to know that we are a bit slower than normal as we are closing our offices for Emerald and Core Power as our long-term lease has expired. 

As well - Lynn and I are packing out of our Condo to a new home base. 

It's kinda crazy here right now...

Thanks all,

@lak : thanks for the answer and for pointing me to the other thread.

@corepowertech : Mark thanks for the answer. I wasn't aware you were going through this. No problem. Mine is not a rush buy. When you get a chance, I would like to get your input to my question above, from 07-05. While lak answered, I would also like to get your input.

I understand a large balanced transformer will clean up the incoming power to all downstream devices, but I understand some of these downstream devices (class D amps, DAC) themselves generate noise they send back upstream so I wonder if the larger units can prevent this noise from getting into the other devices attached to it. I plan on having two SET amps, two class D amps, a DAC, and a linear power supply (feeding a PC) fed with clean power.

Buying multiple units will of course be more expensive, but I'd like to know what my end game ought to be and then set a plan to get there as funds permit.

thank you!
I'm interested in the answer on the above post.