Equi=Core 1800

Anybody know anything about these things, Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies? Are they any good? Not looking to buy snake oil. Considering possibly purchasing without auditioning to run Levinson 23.5 amp, Proceed AVP 2, Ayre Codex DAC, Proceed CDD. Anyone? Thanks
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Sorry,I never have heard of it.
I have the 1200. It replaces my longtime reference, the Exactpower EP15A. Trust me, the 1200 is the real deal. Extremely low noise floor. I have a single ended triode driving high efficiency speakers and the system is dead quiet. The system has black backgrounds that bring out fine, inner detail deep within the recordings. More control of dynamic swings. The system sounds more "punchy". Almost like notes are faster, meaning they start and stop faster. More "attack" when needed. Conversely, when notes are supposed to decay, they does so very convincingly....like the shimmer of a cymbal that goes on and on....if that makes sense.
In complex orchestral passages, I can hear more separation of musicians onstage.

I have no relation or affiliation with the company. I’m just a very satisfied owner of a great product. I don’t think it’s a giant-killer, I think it probably IS the giant.
Devilboy, thank you for you response. I actually purchased the 1800 the other day. I don't usually do this type of purchase without and audition. I spoke to Mark from Core Power Tech and he was very convincing. The thing is, how do you know if you have dirty power or not? I have a Fluke scope monitoring my incoming power. The sign wave is partially clipped at the top of the wave and there is noticeable pattern/square pattern running on the neutral. I believe this is noise but am not positive. Hopefully this cleans this all up. Do you have your amp plugged in to the 1200 as well?