Equalizing Bi-Amp outputs

I need help configuring a inline "equalizer" Evidently, the RCA out of the DAC is 4 db and the XLR is 14 db. I'm bi-amping my speakers that are Bi-wired, so my tweeter and mid range use a separate crossover from the woofers. The input sensitivity is the same for both amps. Obviously, the volume from the woofers is much louder than the volume from the tweeter/midrange  because of the mismatched outputs from the DAC. I've investigated putting an attenuator or a potentiometer in line from the DAC, but Von Schweikert recommends a simple device inline from the "source=> xlr cable=>equalizer => amp". I have the specs from both amps, DAC and speakers.

Does anybody have a the formula or knows what parts I will need to build this thing so the input voltage to both amps will be the same?

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A crossover (with volume control) can handle that task. I use a DBX crossover in my main system. 
Just use a passive preamp, they make very simple units. I bought two a couple of years back. Mine also had RCA or XLR in or out.. I think they were 49.00 or 79.00 good copper traces inside, the IC was thick and the solder joints were good.. The volume pot.. never any static. I used them for a bass volume control, just like you..


I got the volume correct but I needed a better crossover, I went with a 2496 Behringer and bypassed the internal XO. That added active DSP. Best move I ever made on that system.

I quit using the monitors onboard bass section and went with an active XO and full blown DSP for the bass. I use separate MB columns and a servo sub system..

I quit making waves in the neighbors pool too. I’ve got it down to just a ripple.. :-)

Why not just use a Y splitter on the RCA output of the DAC and feed both amps at once??
I thought about trying a Y, the output from the DAC via RCA plugs would have been very low. Also I checked with the DAC manufacturer and was told not to do that. They said it was OK to run both RCA and XLR at the same time, so that's what I'm trying to get working. I ordered one of those cheap volume controls from Amazon, if that works even a little I'll explore some the more expensive alternatives that have been posted.
I have all my mcintosh stuff bi-amped. The techs at mcintosh told me to just use a y splitter off the preamp outputs....I swear, I was shocked too