Equalizer with a Halo P5?

I'm looking to put an equalizer in my system.  Halo P5 doesn't have a tape/processor loop.

However it does have a Record Out and and HT Bypass In.  Can those be used for a loop?  I don't understand bypass much.

Hoping I don't need to upgrade my P5 as I like it otherwise.  Also looked at Emotiva XSP-1 which does have a processor loop but no DAC/Digital Inputs.

Um, just put the EQ after your output but before your amp. :)

Easy peasy.

Bypass bypasses the gain/volume setting, so an external HT processor would do the volume function. This lets you use the p5 for music, and hte HT to feed another 3.1 or 5.1 channels.


The downside with that solution is you can't process/EQ the signal going to the sub unless you split the signal from the EQ and don't use the Sub Out on the p5.
Well what are you trying to EQ ? If you want to EQ the sub, put the EQ on the sub out.

If the main, put the EQ on the main. What is the problem?

I should say I'm not a big fan of using global EQ to solve a problem shared across 2 speakers.

If the user has this kind of problem, something like a miniDSP unit that can create it's own sub channel is better, and will give the user multiple EQ points. Global, each main, each sub.
I am trying to use a miniDSP ddrc-22a for room correction... and would like it it be global to sub & amp.

Have tested putting it in front of the preamp to give global EQ and it integrated the sub and speakers notably well. The issue with it being upstream of the preamp is i’m limited in what inputs can route through it and also forced to have all output processed by it (ie headphones too).

Ahhh, wrong combination of EQ and preamp I'm afraid.

The P5 doesn't have a tape/eq/processor loop (P7 does).

And the EQ is a 2 channel, without a sub output.

If you had an EQ with more outputs, or a pre with a tape loop you could do what you want.


But I should also point out, you really don't want the room correction on when you are listening via headphones. :)