Equalizer for hearing loss

I created a thread ' high quality equalizer' but think this title more appropriate as I'm dealing with hearing loss and hoping others may benefit from the discussion :)  I just had ear exam and am down 20 to 30 db in left and right ears to 4000cps. Down 90 db at 6000cps (or hz) , and 80 db at 8000. Trying a basic hearing aid now and thrilled with newfound music listening pleasure ! I also have tinnitus that's too loud to measure-as a result of a head injury from a car accident in 1989. I'll post more later.
I'm in the hearing loss(7Khz) tinnitus club. More like MASSIVE tinnitus for me.

No loss of listening enjoyment...for now-unaided.
FWIW, got into hearing aids because I've been thinking of upgrading my speakers. I thought that they're getting tired-- just not playing quite clearly. LOL. 
Had my hearing test last week. Up to about 4000 hz left is down about 30 db and right about 20-25db. Then graph falls sharply to -90db at 6000hz then up to -80 at 8000 for both. I noticed the hearing test is only at 250, 500, 1000,2000,4000, 6000 and 8000. I'm presently trying a very basic set of aids and finding an exciting improvement in my loudspeakers! Depth, width and detail in sound all vastly improved :)
So far so good, for this much older "old-timer." Only the age-related reduction of high frequencies as a resident in the suburbs. I've read that such loss does not happen for those living far from such civilization noise, or at least not as much.

I took a SPL meter outside to see what the background noise level is. I read around 49 dB, C-weighted. If I go out to the remote areas, it's really quiet there, without any wind (didn't have the SPL meter with me then - next time).
I purchased widex moment hearing aids. I am now able to hear upper frequencies I was missing. It was like I upgraded my speakers. They were not inexpensive but with the prices of HiFi equipment today I was ok with the purchase.
I played with the digital EQ in my playback software to constipate for slight high frequency loss and really didn't care for it.  I'll revisit the issue if it gets worst.
If you eq your system to match your ears, every person who enters the room will hate it    

I tried some very fine hearing aids, thinking of them as just one more amplification and eq component in my system.  The cost $6,000.  I don't use them now for music at all.  They do not sound good. 

    A friend of mine was the engineer for the Lyric hearing aid.  It is the only aid on the market which is still analogue, and was long considered the best (they are implanted, and completely invisible.)  Any other aid, no matter how good your analogue system - you are listening to digital equalization.  You know how much attention hearing aid engineers pay to sound quality?  None!  They don't even listen to them!  It's like the spec wars of hifi in ages past.  Their main focus now is on the software and power consumption (for longer battery life.)    Their objective is to make it more possible to hear speech, by enhancing the eq and localization of sounds, suppressing sound that comes from the sides and rear which can interfere with the person speaking to you.  Their whole goal is to help you distinguish sound in the 2k-4k range where consonants at the beginning of words, which is the primary way we distinguish one word from another, are heard.  Only the very best aids even deal with 6K and above, and even that is incidental, because we don't use those frequencies to distinguish the sounds of words. 
  And btw, once those cilia in your ear are dead and gone, no amount of amplification in a hearing aid can help.  If you can't hear above about 4k, you probably can't hear tweeters at all.  
   My best recommendation is to design your home system so it sounds as good to you as possible.  Beryllium tweeters may appeal to you.    
I get it, pro hearing aids. I use an EQ for myself and switch it out when others are around.