Equalizer for hearing loss

I created a thread ' high quality equalizer' but think this title more appropriate as I'm dealing with hearing loss and hoping others may benefit from the discussion :)  I just had ear exam and am down 20 to 30 db in left and right ears to 4000cps. Down 90 db at 6000cps (or hz) , and 80 db at 8000. Trying a basic hearing aid now and thrilled with newfound music listening pleasure ! I also have tinnitus that's too loud to measure-as a result of a head injury from a car accident in 1989. I'll post more later.
I'm in the hearing loss(7Khz) tinnitus club. More like MASSIVE tinnitus for me.

No loss of listening enjoyment...for now-unaided.
Will be looking into same in near future. Tinnitus is a beotch.
FWIW, got into hearing aids because I've been thinking of upgrading my speakers. I thought that they're getting tired-- just not playing quite clearly. LOL. 
Any other oldtimers ( 50+) in this camp? 
Had my hearing test last week. Up to about 4000 hz left is down about 30 db and right about 20-25db. Then graph falls sharply to -90db at 6000hz then up to -80 at 8000 for both. I noticed the hearing test is only at 250, 500, 1000,2000,4000, 6000 and 8000. I'm presently trying a very basic set of aids and finding an exciting improvement in my loudspeakers! Depth, width and detail in sound all vastly improved :)