Hi All,
So my Bryson Pi came in and I’ve played it now for a couple of days. I must say that in many ways, I find it to be better than I expected. The bass may be a little light for my taste and I was wondering if anyone might know of a way to boost the lower frequencies. The obvious choice, I’m guessing, would be an equalizer but that would mean some sort of eq software application and I don’t know if that would be compatible. My stereo is; the Pi running via Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB to an ISO Regen with LPS 1 linear power supply to an Ayer QB 9 Twenty DAC. I’m using Hi Diamond Interconnects to an ASR Emitter II Exclusive amplifier and Hi Diamond speaker cables to Quad 2905 ESL’s. I have a passive PS Audio line conditioner and various Akiko Audio Tuning sticks throughout. I will be adding my TeraDak linear power supply to the Pi soon. I still need to listen to my classical collection to interpret the cellos and double basses in order to get a clearer picture overall but with popular music, if I could get the slightest bit more low end, I’d be even happier! Any suggestions?Thanks!
Roon has EQ built in. 
Your only going to get so much bass from the Quads, tread lightly with the eq.
unsound, thanks and your right. The last thing I need to do is to arc my panels. After further listening I’m finding that my real issue is that my digital setup lacks the type of body or weight that I’m used to. Late last night I listened to DSD files and was happy with how that sounded so maybe the linear power supply might help. I should also consider a better power cable.
I think you should consider a Schiit Loki.  It's inexpensive and will help you get a better feel for what you want.
Erik, I did my first streaming test, Nick Drake ‘Pink Moon’ and aside from hearing data transfer noise and a slightly unsteady stream, it sounded fine. If I have an issue at all, it’s that at times the sound lacks fullness but the tone and balance are fine so I’m not certain that the Loki will matter. I’m anxious to see whether or not I’ll hear an improvement with the linear power supply.
Great! :)

What do you mean "data transfer noise" because I don't hear any.

Also, I do recommend going wired instead of wireless.

If you must go wireless, use an app like Wifi Analyzer to find the least congested channels.  I have one for my PC, and my Android phones, same ideas are out there for OS X and iPhone.
Erik, no I am hard wired to the router one floor below. I assumed that I’m getting noise while data is passing through the ethernet cable. I’m currently using a cat 5e cable, maybe I should upgrade to a cat 6 instead.

...  aside from hearing data transfer noise and a slightly unsteady stream ...
What is "data transfer noise?"
What do you mean by "unsteady stream?" If you have dropouts, that's not likely to be caused by the streamer, but rather the quality of your Internet service itself.
cleeds, don't take me too literally, I don't know the exact cause or the terminology for what I'm hearing if it's not musically related.
Just bought a Rolls Bellari EQ570 Audio Equalizer to take the edge off of poor recordings. Has four frequency adjustable knobs and a bypass switch. Very solid build, knobs are  smooth and snug to adjust. Very quiet does not make any unusual noise or popping  when using the bypass switch. This will also boost frequencies if needed. I never use it to boost, only to cut back. I have it connected  to the "Tape In" and Tape Out" connections of my preamp.   I can totally bypass it with preamp selector switches. It is just enough to tone down some of the harshness from poor recordings. I'm very happy with it.