Equal or better than AZ's Hologram II spk cable

I currently have Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cable used with AZ's Adagio speakers. Great cable and sound but cable is too thick, awkward to handle, easy to trip over... and has spade lugs which often come lose from speaker terminals. BTW, retermination with banana plugs by AZ would run $200. No Way!!!

Looking for suggestion for speaker cable that is equal to or better than AZ's Hologram II. It would be nice to run under the carpet, but not the highest priority. I need 10-11 ft pair because of the location of speakers; also must have banana plugs for easy hook up to another, but much smaller pair of speakers in the same room. Comments recommendations welcomed. Thank you
I switched from AZ Hol II to Morrow Audio SP4 2.5m. I have been very pleased and would consider moving to SP6 if I upgrade the speakers.
I went from Hologram II to Audio Note Lexus and it is an upgrade in sound (more layers of information) and the cable is about 1/4" and flexable.
Thanks to Tom and Phil.

I currently use a Morrow IC between the phono stage and pre-amp. Sounds good. Never considered Mike's spk cable, but will check it out. I am unfamiliar with Audio Note products, but will look over their site and the Lexus cable recommended. Jim