Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?

Consider the following situation. A friend who's watched me put together my system has decided to follow suit. He's inherited some very good speakers and amplification (no DAC) from a relative and has about wants to finish out the main elements of the system with the best possible source. He has about $4-6k to spend and wishes to spend it on either a phono stage/TT combo OR a DAC/streamer combo. (For content, he is willing to spend either on vinyl or streaming services to fulfill whichever path he chooses above.)

Focusing simply on the potential for sonic quality (rather than, say, the variety of music one can stream), where do you think his money would best be spent and why? Could he reach the same outcomes after spending on a TT, cartridge, phono stage, record cleaner, isolation table and all the other accoutrements necessary for a good phono set up as he could if he bought a good DAC, streamer, etc.?

If your tastes weigh so heavily toward analog or digital that you can simply decide this without considering the details of the comparison, please try to set those aside and answer based on what he might be able to get for $4-6k.

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I need to double check models, but he has, I think, MA352 Integrated and Spendor D7s.
As others said, $6k on analogue is not much, especially considering cost of records, cleaning machine etc., though one can get an excellent sound within this price range. How many records would he buy and where ? Cost of them will vary from $1 to...sky is the limit. Let's say, $25 on average unless you want best pressings.
Analogue world is quite expensive and you have to be part of it if you go into this. It is not push the button double click and listen thing.
I would suggest starting with digital. I can't believe I said it because I hate digital and use only when there is no other way.
Streaming is going to catch up to analog in the near future.- Just like photography 20 years ago when digital started. Now we have 100mp cameras that out-resolve even large format film.
Add to that, having a complete music library at your fingertips, and not having to change sides every 30 minutes or so. And, no pops and ticks.

I do not denigrate vinyl lovers, I do think vinyl has a number of desirable characteristics, but I think technology will ultimately render this form of playback less relevant.
He could have both. Get a digital front end and run it through a vinyl effects plugin when he's feeling nostalgic. 
“I hate digital and use only when there is no other way.”


I respect your choice but don’t you think ‘hate’ is a strong word or did you just get carried away?