EQ Thats affordable

Hello All - Every now & then I want a little high/low bump on various recordings . My room is treated and gear listed below. Just for a test I connected my Alesis MEQ-230 and its super noisy (although not sure if I have the best chain connection)
I’m looking for something under $1000 , Here’s what Ive been looking at :

Behringer DEQ2496
DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0
Mini DSP

obviously a remote or app is a plus....

Also whats the best connection / routing??

Lyngdorf 2170 Amp (high end analog inputs / digital / XLR)
Allnic H1201 Phono Stage (RCA)

mainly for LPs ...I do stream ..have EQ options there..

any recommendations on other options appreciated , thanks !

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Try the schitt tone control. Easy to resell if you don’t like it. 
The Balanced is for XLR connections.

The HD is for 96/24 kHz sampling and manipulation.
so am I understanding the chain correctly - 
Turntable - phonstage - MiniDSP XLR (so I 'd need an adapter from RCA to XLR ) and then into my amp?
and my MacBook goes into USB of MiniDSP
thanks ! 
You're probably best going for a MiniDSP 2x4 HD, if you keep the leads short there shouldn't be a problem using RCA connections. I'm not sure whether MiniDSP do a balanced version with USB audio input.
If you do go for the 2x4 HD make sure to update to the latest firmware, doing this fixed a few problems on mine.
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