EQ Thats affordable

Hello All - Every now & then I want a little high/low bump on various recordings . My room is treated and gear listed below. Just for a test I connected my Alesis MEQ-230 and its super noisy (although not sure if I have the best chain connection)
I’m looking for something under $1000 , Here’s what Ive been looking at :

Behringer DEQ2496
DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0
Mini DSP

obviously a remote or app is a plus....

Also whats the best connection / routing??

Lyngdorf 2170 Amp (high end analog inputs / digital / XLR)
Allnic H1201 Phono Stage (RCA)

mainly for LPs ...I do stream ..have EQ options there..

any recommendations on other options appreciated , thanks !

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The Lyngdorf has a grouping of "presets" that don't really suit me..I'd like more control....thanks 
Which MINIDSP model do you guys recommend? , I don’t have a DAC , I use Mac PowerBook pro to run files ...VPI prime scout Turntable for LPs...I was thinking the MINIDSP HD and pragmasi suggested the “balanced” model ...not sure why? Thanks 
So my main listening is : 
turntable-phonostage-lyngdorf 2170 ( which does digital conversion)
is the balanced still best for that ? Pardon my lack of understanding 😊 
so am I understanding the chain correctly - 
Turntable - phonstage - MiniDSP XLR (so I 'd need an adapter from RCA to XLR ) and then into my amp?
and my MacBook goes into USB of MiniDSP
thanks ! 
so I ordered the MiniDSP Balanced last night , I'll probably just also order the HD version as well & see what makes the most sense , send the other back...the balanced miniDSP needs 2 adapter cables for my system...
1. Turntable-Phonostage RCA Stereo to single Male XLR Splitter cable
2. XLR to Y Stereo XLR into my amp L/R

youre right Pragmasi , seems like the HD version makes the most sense since I can input my MacBook into the Toslink and Turntable into Analog ins ...done...
of course the MiniDSP team has recommend the SHD model , 32 Bit converters , 120 SNR and very low THD...The "audiophile" model ...$1100 ...
I dont need all the room correction / streaming stuff ...already have room correction system with my amp....