EQ in Addition to an Active Crossover?

My system....Integrated ampPair of bookshelf speakers2 10" subsOutlaw ICBM Bass Management crossover.
Here's my question....The Outlaw provides an excellent way to balance the bass from the subs with the main speakers. I have an ADC 10 band EQ that I bought new in the 70's and used that to great effect with my system back then when active crossovers weren't common. The ADC isn't a "parametric" one by any means. I haven't connected it to my system yet. Would fine adjustments in the frequency bands between the high and low adjustments that the Outlaw controls benefit my system??

Sure, I realize that adding another component into the signal chain has drawbacks and interconnect cables are important. Just wondering if anyone else has done such a thing and what the result was?

Sure, or you could use a miniDSP unit on the sub, let it handle everything.
What is it that you are not happy with and that you hope the equalizer might help or cure?  Back in the 70s such devices were very much in vogue, but no longer.  
Try it out! You’ve got nothing to lose, and even if equalizers aren’t that fashionable today, that’s no reason to not use it if you like the result.