Epos ST 12 stands

Has anybody tried these speaker stands on a Harbeth Compact 7s? Are the results favorable? I'm looking for alternatives to the Sound anchor stands or the Skylans.Thanks for any input.
I am using them under the Super HL5's and you will find others using them at the Harbeth Users Forum.

For me, they replaced the cheap but decent solution, the Ikea 17" Lack plant stands. I am not sure how much the 3" height difference contributes to the difference in sound, but I definitely lost some bass when moving to the Epos. Many people seem to have a bass boom problem with Harbeths, but not me, so this was not such a great development. Other than that, they seem to work okay. Harbeth is a lossy cabiniet design and some people argue that you want to pair them with an open-framed, non-filled stand like the Epos, but I question that argument.

I hope to try a pair of Skylans in the future. Are you looking for an alternative to Skylan or SA because of price or is there some other reason?
Price is not really that important although if the Epos stands do the job then it's a plus. I have read a little about C7s cabinet construction being geared to sound better with an open frame stand so I thought about the Epos stands. The Sound anchors 4 post Stands look almost as rigid as a closed plate stand so maybe it will act like one. The Epos stands being not so solidly built may interact with the "lossy" Harbeth cabinets better?
I am trying to get a feel of what's best that's available out there without having to spend a lot if not neccessary and from other peoples experiences with different stands on the Harbeth C7.
Thanks for your input.