Epos m16i speakers AND Cary 300B SEI

Hi, I have a little bonus money Im looking to spend on some audio equipment :D.

I bought a Bottlehead tube headphone amp kit a year ago and have been really liking the whole tube thing lately. I have my eye on a Cary 300B SEI, Im assuming it would be a great upgrade to my current Bottlehead amp but Im also hoping it will work nicely with my Epos m16i speakers.

The speakers are 4 ohm and 88dB/2.83V/m. I know almost enough to put those numbers there but I dont know if they are very compatible. Thanks for any information on these.
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Quoting from this Epos Product Archive Paper,
We recommended that the M16i should be partnered with an amplifier that is capable of driving a four Ohm load to high levels.
Amplifier Compatibility! 50 – 200 Watts.
Your speaker may perform well with tubes, but not a 15 watt SET. The Cary should be used with speakers that have a sensitivity in the 98db range.
If you want a sweet sounding amp that drives your fairly inefficient speakers, look at the AVA amps (Audio by Van Alstine). great sounding SS amps --- especially when partnered with a tube pre-amp (AVA again is a good choice).

As stated earlier... an SET amp is out of the question for your speakers.
Thanks a lot, I was hoping there was a some wiggle room. It seems you are correct. I appreciate your help.