Epos m16i or Definitive Tech Mythos STS

What's the difference -- one much "better" than the other?
Well one speaker, the STS is active and the other, the Epos is a passive design. The STS will give you more low end than the Epos because of the built in amp and subwoofer. I have the STS' big brothers the ST speakers and I really like them. The ST do all the audiophile things: resolution, transparency, and clarity, plus low end. Email me if you need more input.
I own the Mythos St and I can say with confidence the Mythos St is the most balance loudspeaker out there at under $5,000 and I owned several Loudspeakers such as Magggis ,Vandersteen, Aerial-10t,and I also most people don't realize the parts qaulity inside their speaker the capacitors resistors and inductors are average at best I found this out for I found a Modification for the Mythos
that took 15 minutes to just plug inthe modified crossover
and it transformed my already very good mythos loudspeaker
t at least 15% better overall any Mythos owners would be fooloish to not take advantage of this huge upgrade !