Epos M12 Vs. M12.2

Has ANYONE made any direct comparisons between these two speakers? What sonic differences are there? what similarities do they have (what sonic attributes are carried over to the new model?)

A large part of the original M12's sonic signature was derived from the drivers being built into the front baffle. Is the new model built the same way ?(it looks to me as though it's now a standard box type speaker as opposed to the originality of the one-piece baffle/ cone assembly)

any takers?
I guess the jury is still out on this one...
If the speakers are too new, you need to wait for the verdict. That is my take. They might not be necessarily very different, except for the designation.

Anyone yet?

there MUST be SOMEONE who's compared these two speakers by now. Right? *sigh*

Check out this month HiFi Choise for the review of the M12.2
ok... Still trying to find out about M12 vs. M12.2 ...

anyone compared the two?

The "politically correct" reviews say the 12.2 is more clear, extended, detailed fromwhat I remember. WhatHiFi? always bashed original M15 for it's "airless" presentation. But what did they use for amplification? The original series sounded perfect with A50i amp and CD-50 mkI IMHO. Although some people call Creek detailed and analytical compared to say, Cairn.
IMHO the newer models are bright with both Rega Maya amp and Adcom amp. I couldn't believe how unpleasant they sounded because the above mentioned setup was so darn good!!! I believe measurements of the .2 series show an emphasized top end. Some people don't want a neutral speaker with low distortion. Distortion can give our ears some "excitement" to hang on to.