Epos K-1

Has anyone heard the new Epos K-1standmount? I am curious about it, and wondering especially how it compares to the Epos Elan 10?


I haven't heard them, but I know Cable Company sells them. They should have demo's available to send out to you. I'm pretty sure they are made overseas, so I would want to listen to them before I bought them.
I hadn't realized the Cable Company carried them. Thanks!
They carry a pretty big selection of components. If you go to Cable Companies web site, look for the Ultra Systems link. Ultra Systems is their b&m store.
Bumping an old thread.

I'd sink any Epos dollars into a pair of Elan if you can find them. I know the K series is the future thing with Epos -- even though I think the active component of this equation is a total market miscalculation -- however, as an Epos consumer (Epic, Elan 10 and 15), I've heard the K1 and it's no Elan.