EPOS ELS 3 with SET Amp?

I am thinking of getting a pair of the Epos ELS 3 bookshelf speakers for my Single ended triode class A amp. It uses 300B tubes. Here are the specs for the amp:

Power output: <= 10W x 2, THD <= 3%, 1Khz
Frequency response: 16—38 Khz, -2dB
Output impedance: 8 ohms
Signal/Noise: >= 90 dB

Here are the specs for the Epos ElS 3 speakers:

Power Handling: 25 - 100 Watts Max
Frequency Response: 65Hz - 20kHz ±3dB
Impedance: 4 ohms Nominal
Sensitivity: 87dB/1 watt/1 meter

Will it be ok for this combo?
I doubt the music will have any life to it. With the 4 ohm impedence, I would imagine the music will not have much drive. The vocals might sound very good but the frequency extremes would be missing in action. Epos speakers have a rep of needing plenty of current drive to bring them to life. I would stick with an 8ohm or higher speaker with a sens of at least 90db/1w/m. I have found you can cheat on the sens if you use a speaker with no or a very simple crossover. This protects against any funny business in the impedence trace. This will make your 300b very happy.
If you want small moniter size speakers, to be driven by a SET amp you would be much better off and happier with single driver speakers. Check out Tekton, Fritzspeakers, Omega, ect. Truth is, most two-way monitors such as the Epos don't really perform well with low watt tube amps.