Epos ELS-3, JM Lab Chorus 705 comparison?

After upgrading my main stereo system I am setting up some of my old equipment in a small room in my basement. I am using my older NAD 7175PE receiver(75W)and Integra CDC3.1 cd player. I will need a pair of small bookshelf speakers. I am currently looking at either the Epos ELS-3 ( getting some reasonably good press from Absolute Sound and Stereophle magazines) or JM Lab Chorus 705. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Actually, I prefer the NHT SB2 ($400 list) or the Omega Super 3 ($540 list; also available in the T3 cabinet) with my NAD C320BEE amplifier (as well as with a vintage Marantz 2240 receiver). I owned the EPOS ESL3's and while they sound good with vocals and acoustic instruments, I actually found them a bit boxy sounding overall. The NHT's have an outstanding bass and midrange and the Omegas have an aliveness and musicality that really beg to be heard. They both pair very well with NAD.

Regards, Rich
I've owned NHT (2.9's), JM Labs (Cobalt 820's) and for a second system, Epos ELS-3's, which I own now. The house sound of the NHT, for me, was projected, in your face adn though good, best for rockin' out. JM Labs, again for me, were drier, projecting toward the rear and a little less involving. The Epos, though in a different system, are the most enjoyable, surprizingly real and clear and though the bass won't rock anybody's house, it is musically convincing. I heard a high end hi fi sales guy trying to sell me a pair of Wilson Sophia's say that he thought they were damn good little speakers.
Its hard to go wrong with them for musical pleasure, and though some sources do get all there is to get from the bass, there isn't that much. I would think they would be a great match for NAD sound. enjoy!