Epos ELS 3

Whole lotta hype about these, but does anyone own a pair? Your observations please.
12mm side and back HD chipboard and 25mm front baffle. Second order bass driver filter and thrid order tweeter filter at 3kHz crossover. Only 10 lbs.? Hmmmmmmmm
Dawg, that is pretty much my thinking as well..
Read the review in the January 2004 issue of "Stereophile" for more info .. and at least one reviewer's opinions.
I tend to shy away from anything that they rave about..made that mistake more than once. That is why, I am asking for the Goner's opinion.
THey are available from Audioadvisor which comes with a trial period...great review in TAS for what its worth...Epos has a great reputation...but I have never heard them...
I cannot say much about the new eco entry to the Epos sound, but from the beginning the original and the new regular Epos the ES series as well as the M series, they are not spectacularly expensive retail and are great bargains used, why risk unsatisfactory sound with more affordable than affordable Epos? I do not know. I have the ES 11, bought demo, sold, then bought used again(it happens) and the sound is for sure SPECTACULAR. The ELS, hum.....No magic bullet can be bought on the cheap and those who claim it, snake oil sellers.
I do not know about the ELS3's, but have owned the Epos M12's for about a year. Great speaker and a true bargain. I also owned the Creek 5350SE, same thing. Point being, Mike Creek (Roy Hall) offers some real bang for the buck stuff. Audiophile grade, not just OK stuff.

I would think the ELS3's would be the same.

ELS 3 saves money with vinyl vs. real wood veneer. Maybe the cabinet construction is cheaper too.