Epos Elan 10 speaker

Has anyone heard this new model? It is the replacement for hte Epos Mi5 bookshelf speaker. Thanks,
Yes, I just ordered the Elan 10. It's gotten excellent reviews as the next generation following their also highly regarded M5 and M5i series.
I did order a pair and they just arrived but I haven't had time to set them up yet. They are replacing a pair of Mi5's which I truly enjoyed. I'm hoping the Elan 10 will be a further improvement in the refinement of Epos bookshelf speaker sound. I bought not having heard them, but believing that the company really listens to their products and wouldn't release an upgrade unless warranted. Please let me know how you like them.
Just as in your situation, I bought the Elan 10s without auditing based on the company's excellent reputation. After setting up and a few days of critical listening, I was not disappointed. Very pleased with the improved detail and depth over my M5s. Bass extension was especially noticeable that the M5 couldn't quite reach.

The Elan 10 does sound initially aggressive, but as the instruction booklet indicates, this will disappear within 24-48 hours as they settle in. An excellent improvement over the previous M5 and M5i line, in my opinion, and worth the purchase.
I like the Elan 10 very much. More detail and depth than the M5, in addition to bass levels the M5 couldn't quite make. So, well worth the purchase. I'd be interested in your thoughts of the Elan 10 after your upgrade from the M5i.
Hi Richard,
I've started listening to them(Elan 10). The midbass/bass is definitely cleaner sounding. In the midrange there's greater transparency, so lines are easier to follow. I'll have more to say once I let them break in further. All of my components, positioning, are the same as with the Mi5.
Hi Newton,
Glad to hear you find your new Elan 10's as good as I do. I agree they have more clarity and transparency in midrange than the M5 (or also perhaps M5i in your case). I also find they have a nicer slightly extended low end that's clean and not boomy at all.

I now use these Elans in everyday listening more than my other system with Sonus Faber Electa Amator II speakers. It might have to do with placement and ease of access, but I find just as much musical enjoyment from these as the Electa's.

I don't know why there isn't more interest in Epos speakers in these forums. As a UK speaker company (owned by Mike Creek), they rival many of the more expensive Spendor and Harbeth speakers (from what I've heard), but at a much more reasonable cost.

I'd be interested in any more listening thoughts you might have with these.
I've done more listening. With classical music (orchestral, ensemble) I was easily able to discern the improvements the Elan 10 made over the M5i. The midrange is significantly cleaner, thus it's easy to heard individual group lines. Meanwhile the bass is cleaner. Because it's more transparent when a loud bass note along it's almost punchy--that's the clarity of the speaker.
I've continued to discover it's improvements and I'm very happy with it! Plus, you can place it close to a back wall without major problems. Most people don't think about that but it's a reality many of us need to deal with.
Thanks for the good feedback, Newton.

I noticed the Elan 10s need a bit of amp umph in terms of volume to really get them to open up. Due to a smaller room size, I also have them close to the back wall (2-3 inches), and don't hear any drop in quality.

You're absolutely right about the mid-range improvement. It creates a more immediate presence that was somewhat muted with the M5 (and I'm guessing M5i). I'd say the overall detail is just as good as the M5, while benefiting from the bass and mid improvements.

Now let's see what Mike Creek has in store in 5 years or so as the next generation for this line (not sure I can afford another go around). In the meantime, continue good listening with these Elans, as I'll be there with you!