Epos cabinet sensitivity

I was wondering if anyone noticed the high senisitivity of the M15s cabinet wood to scratches and dents.
I have owned a pair of M15s for a year and a half and on one of my speakers the wood cracked along the natural pattern of the wood. Does anyone know how to prevent this?
Thanks in advance,
R U talking about crack or scratch and/or dent?
Crack usually occurs with wood that hasn't been dried enough. The only way to prevent it is request a wartanty replacement for the brand new one.
If it's only dent or scratch than it's a nature of all solid wood. Wood composite or MDF doesn't have these problem but sound much worse. Strength of a finish does play a role and partsexpress sells finish that may turn out much stronger and may stop such extraneous sencitivity of a cabinet if you're able to refinish them yourself and if you're not than use a touch-paint or stick the missing piece back if found.
this is a defect in the veneer....find out if it is covered under warranty.....
Thanks for your input.
I am talking about narrow and long cracks in the wood natural pattern, not scratches or dents. Strangely, only one speaker is affected.
Epos in England says cracks are not covered under their warranty.
Now I guess it's spoken by not responsible company that doesn't cover fault of their own solely. If solid wood isn't dry enough, than it will eventually crack with or without extraneous force applied. I may make a not of their discusting customer service.
In your case I'd arm myself with epoxy mix, blanket, huge vise to grip the whole speaker and some prayers so the rest of wood planes are dry enough not to crack under moderate pressure(just to be enough to hold this cabinette for 24hrs). Vise is purchasable in Home Depot and if you won't need it for other projects you can return and get your money back right after using it.
It is sad that a manufacturer like Epos did not stand behind the problem with the cabinets. Strangely enough I have a pair of ES11, made in UK, while the newer ones are made at a factory in China. Could it be possible that this financial decision affected the cracking of the cabinet? My cabinet, being easily 7 years old or more is flawless. There is something strange about it all.

Yes, I think it is strange that one speaker would deteriorate like that in such a short period of time (year and a half). The store I bought the speakers from contacted the company as well, so Epos asked for digital pictures of the speaker. I am not holding my breath, but at least they showed some interest this time.
Will keep you all posted.
The saga continues.
Over a year later and I'm still trying to get to a conclusion. First, Epos sent me the wrong color, and now I get the right speaker color, but spikes and connectors are missing form the box (one of the boxes had been opened and spikes, connectors and paperwork had been removed). After that Epos sent me the wrong spikes and I wonder if there is anyone out there who can send me a picture of spikes for M15's, so that I can forward it to Epos. I would be very, very appreciative.
Finally, I got the right spikes. Today I took the speakers out of the box and noticed three dents in the back of one of the speakers (the one that was in the box that had been opened by the dealer). At this point I'm not sure what to do. This is basically a third pair and I don't think I can stand talking to Music Hall again, so I will retouch the scratches. Thankfully, they are in the back of the speaker.
What an awful story. I will never be able to buy from Music Hall again.
Dang, it took almost 1.5 years to get this done and the speakers are still defective. Do not want to sound sarcastic, but I am not surprised. Some products are made for a price point and there is only so much that can be done with it. Epos' manufacturing move to China did make a dent in quality. The speakers I was telling you about, the ES11s, are still perfect today, very stable and the veneer looks new. Enjoy your speakers for what they are worth. The sound is the key.
The whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. I know now I'm better off spending more money on better quality speakers.
Music Hall was not helpful at all. In fact, I think they sent me a pair of demos to replace my speakers under warranty. This may be a result of unfortunate circumstances, but I find their attitude unacceptable.