Epiphany Speakers?? Do they produce one..........

Just read a glowing review in Absolute Sound about a new company out of Spokane Washington. They produce a Pipedreams like speaker (a long column of 12 drivers and 12 ribbon tweeters side by side) for a fraction of the cost, $14000 a pair. The reviewers said they never heard such grain free soundstaging. I think they liked em better than the pipes. So far there are not a lot of dealers.....comments anyone??
Only 14k?

Wow. I better go check my couch for spare change, might be able to get a set! ;)
If you don't want to pay $14k, Danny Richie, the same designer involved in the Epiphanies (and the same one on the VMPS mod thread) sells the Alpha LS kit for less than $6k.
Good one Slappy!