EPA-500/A501H cart choice

I have an SP15 en route. It has the EPA500 arm with the A501H wand and the heavier rosewood plinth(rounded corners). Right now, I just have a Shure V15 type V and a Denon 103R. The future table has a type IV mounted, but the condition is unknown til I check it out. I wish I could find a "G" wand so I could try the 103R on it. So what is a great cart for my incoming TT? I wishs I could use an MC, but a great MM is okay until I can locate some wands. Suggestions?
Wow...I thought the SP15 tables were a little more popular?
If you can find an "M" or 250 wand, the Denon will do just fine. Those are extremely versatile arm wands. You really need the "G" wand for something really heavy, like a Koetsu, for example. It works great with a Denon and most other moving coils, however. Anyway, you are stuck using a very high compliance cartridge for now. A Shure is a good bet, but maybe you can find a nice ADC somewhere. An AT150 might sound nice with it, but I have never heard the combination. Of course, there are others.

By the way, That tonearm is way better than the turntable. If you ever get the itch to upgrade again, keep the arm.