Envy audio cables

hi guys on my search for nice sounding cables for not to much money i found envy audio , now I have used tellurium q diamond RCAs    morrow , transparent audio, kimber,  signal cable, AudioQuest Colorado,  and some i can remember,  shunyata power cables,  and kimber , now i use tellurium q power cables and speaker cables . So i bought the envy audio prestige rca i find them to be great cables for the money. Just curious any replace their high end speaker , power cable,  rca with envy audio thanks
Thanks i didn't ask for other cable opinions,  I would like to know who uses envy audio, and what cable the replaced thanks
I'm trying out the O Nestian xlr's with the new terminated ends which are up against my Morrow MA4 xlr's , So far they sound great at just over 150 hrs on them but jury is still out. I also in addition to the xlr's I got the Ocean power cable to try against a PS Audio AC12 on my amp for the price I just had to try it but the AC12 still has it's job until I try another Clarity Cable Vortex which already replaced the AC12 I had on my power conditioner. What are you liking about the cables so far?
You might get better responses if you use the company's proper name...
Audio Envy. I'm using 2P and Mega 3P power cords with great success.
I'm also pleased with the Audio Envy digital cable. Since you are already using the IC's, you might find additional Audio Envy cables will be "synergistic" with your system.
First thanks for the response  sorry I got the name wrong , what cables did the audio envy replace