Entry levels ICs for Classe gear

I've just purchased a new ESOTERIC SA-60 and used Classe CA-2100/CP-500 from here on Audiogon.. I haven't purchased my speakers yet, but likely to be DALI HELICON/Euphonia towers. What are the recommendations for a decent entry level IC (BALANCED/XLR). I see several types.. SIGNAL CABLE/Copper vs. Silver wiring/Cardas/Audioquest but the specs mean nothing to me. The system is being placed in an AUDIAV custom rack.. so IC connections will be short.
Thanks ahead
FWIW, IMHO, the differences between 'standard' design cables is more about how you percieve them than any thing that spec's can predict. I would recommend that you try to identify cables that are benchmark in the price range you can easily afford. Then when angst sets in about system improvement you will have established a reference.

I consider the Cardas 300b IC and Canare 4S11 speaker cable to be outstanding in their price range and a great place to start out (or even finish, if you are so inclined).
Great choice of gear and the DALIs would be a perfect match IMO. I spent a lot of time listening to some Euphonia MS4 the other day and they were outstanding with all amps we tried. Not to mention they look beautiful.

Anyway, with this gear, I would go for MIT cables. They have an open and clear top end that will compliment the smooth Classe gear very well. But there are zillions of cable options. All you will get here are more options to confuse you.

The best thing for you to do is to buy a set of cheap cables for now, until your system is fully burned in. Then you can buy several more different ones to try out. If you get them used, you can resell the ones you don't like at basically no cost to you. The right choice will boil down to your personal taste in any case.


I think good basic and inexpensive is the way to start out and just go from there...

Which amps did you listen to the Euphonias w/?
Call the cable company and discuss it. You can try cables on loan and see for yourself. However, don't cut your system too short. You have purchased some fine, and expensive, gear and to match with significantly lesser cables would rob your system of clarity. Enjoy!
Check out (1) Better Cables and (2) My Audio Cables (MAC)
I recommend you consider XLR cables from www.bluejeanscables.com unless you want to spend >$500 on a used pair.
The blue jeans cables are very good quality, excellent sound and have Neutrik connectors. They won't be out of place in your system. You can return them in 30 days if you are not satisfied. I had these and now have the RCA version that I run from phono stage to linestage and they are 11ft long and absolutely great sound. No plans on changing so far.
When I tried the bluejeans XLRs I also had Audience AU24 XLR interconnects at the same time and compared the 2 sets. Difference in sound is minimal. Where Audience did have an edge is in soundstaging and that wasn't by much either.
Great cables and phenomenal value. Give them a try.
Thanks, Everyone...
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