Entry level turntable for my son

Hello all, 
My 16 year old has the same audio sickness as me. He recently approached me about acquiring a turntable for his system. Any recommendations on the entry level stuff from Rega, project, music hall, etc? Should I stick with the newer stuff or look for an older model like a Planar 3 or a MMF-5? I still use my Linn LP 12,  but I hear the newer ones out there have some nice new features the older entry level stuff didn’t. I don’t think he will be looking to do any modifications in the near future, he just wants to spin some vinyl. 
Thanks in advance!

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One more for Technics of some sort. I got mine when I was 16 and it is still here and I still like it.
In case you do decide on Technics, do not forget to buy him oil. A few drops once a year and he is good to go. One little (they are really little) container of Technics-branded oil could last for decade or more but it is more likely he will lose it before he uses it all.