Entry level turntable

What would be the best entry level turntable to buy? The Rega P1, Project debut III or the Music Hall 2.2. I haven't had a turntable in years and never a good one. So I think i'd be better off with a local dealer to help with set up. In my area I have a Rega and Project dealer.

Thanks for your help.
Is there any way you could stretch for the Rega P2? That way you're getting the RB250/251 tonearm which will easily outperform the entry-level arms and has numerous upgrades and tweaks available for it. It might be more than you want to spend, but it's the cheapest table that, in my opinion, has real lasting power. You could easily be happy with it for a long time to come.

If you don't want to spend the extra, I'd go with the Rega P1. I had one of the earlier Debut tables and really didn't care for it. I found the NAD 533, which was based on the P1, to be a better overall value.
Consider a used P3/rb300,there easy to find.
There is a lot written about this already on A'Gon. Take a look at entry SOTA equipment in your search.
I've had a couple Pro-Jects, including the Xpression, and never cared for them. Listened to a P1 at a dealer last week, and now I want one. That being said, the P2 advice is also sound, but if you can't swing it, you can always upgrade the P1 with a glass platter and better cart.
A good TT in important but so is a really good phono pre-amp and cartridge. That's were the rubber meets the road!
One of the best entry-level deals I've ever caught for my friend was Oracle Alexandria which is a good step up even from Rega P3.
The price came out around $350 with arm/no cartridge.
The cartridge now being used is Goldring Eroica HO MC.
I think you're very prudent in realizing you should utilize the services of a local dealer, especially when entering the analog world. When starting out with analog, you will invariably have a ton of questions about setup, record care, various noises, etc, and it's nice to have a dealer to call when you need help. Hopefully, but not always, your dealer can demo the various models for you and let you decide whether the more expensive models are more to your liking. I agree with some of the above posts that you may be better off buying something better than the lowest-level offering. Good luck and enjoy.
Chayro I've been exactly in the same situation that drove me to change my P3 to Michell in a matter of 3 months.