Entry-level Turntable

Any suggestions? My price point is less than $500.

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>>without consideration of a possible **MC processor**<<
You are a digital-man aren't you? 'MC processor', I say! :-)

You can get some Hi-MC so you won't need this *MC processor* thingy, since it would allow you to use a 40dB phono-pre usually only good with an MM cart's output voltage of ~ 5mV.
If you have the patience and find a GOOD (mostly NOS) MM, I guess you'd be better of.
In my setup Hi-MC's never really 'cut the mustard' i.e. a good MM for hopefully less $$$ will bring the preferred result, YMMV.

If we look at Lo-MC's the game changes and can drive the fear of God into you. That stuff tops out at some $20k and below 2k it gets a bit iffy for sure.
With cheap-MC vs top-MC the more $$$ and you do get what you pay for (mostly anyway).
B U T, no use hanging even a 2k MC on some budget arm and a budget phono-stage - it will be like putting racing tyres on a budget car, in fact it might sound worse than some more $$$ friendly MM match.

The problem with most ~ MC 'budget gear' is that your bass performance will be not that great either.
Lastly, in my experience most MC's to my ears still sounded the best with tube pre's or at least a tube phono-pre.
That once again is a ~ budget decision. As soon as you start looking at tube gear performance improvement by tube rolling -- $$$$ so beware.

A lot of folk would rather go SS (sold state) for the maintenance issue alone. If you do, I'd like to think to stick with a GOOD MM rather then get into the hot $$$ water of MC's.
I've been there and run an MM right now --- and I keep on asking why exactly I'd have to spend 3-4-5k$ to play my mostly 2nd hand vinyl in the first place. Playing new clean vinyl sounds REALLY good also.
Ask Raul, visit his thread: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1200430667&&&&&st400
It will give you some more perspective on the subject also.
Hi Eddiebo
looks like another vote for a GOOD MM rather than going budget MC incl. the extra cost of a half decent MC able phono-stage.

MMs have become (I think unjustly) considered 2nd rate to MCs. Again, if you are more 'sanely' budget oriented I think it is the preferred way to go. I have a 3.5k$ Windfeld MC (Top of the Ortofon line) 'on ice' and using a NOS (new old stock) Audio Technica AT140LC and have no inclination to change it right now, similar case it seems to Johnnyb53.