Entry level turntable

Hi guys,

Need advice on an entry level turntable.
My budget is up to 250.

I live in a 220 Volt - 50 Hz country.
Would using a step up transformer have an impact on sound quality ?, I'm planning to buy the turntable in the U.S.

Thanks !

Friendly bump.
Hopefully your LPs are not valuable playing them on a $250 tt
If the table you're buying uses an AC synchronous motor, I don't think one for use with a 60Hz power line will play at the proper speed with a 50Hz line.

I have no experience with the current crop of budget tables, but the U-Turn Orbit seems to be getting a lot of good notices but it definitely uses an AC synchronous motor. I think you're going to need to look for something designed to run with 50Hz power.
Pioneer PL560.
Music Hall USB $249 new! It has a built in Phono satge and can play vinyl without a computer hook up.
Thanks !
PL560 is less than $250 used, but would never mind spinning my most valuable records on that one.
Please considering increasing your budget to the Project Essential2 for about $350 plus tax. I would not play records on anything cheaper, although the Music Hall would probably be adequate if properly isolated. The Project is a real quality hifi table.
Where is the best place to order a project essential ii from in the USA?
For all things vinyl I go to either NeedleDoctor or MusicDirect.
$250.00 - Music Hall USB-1 with AT3600L
$300.00 - Music Hall USB-1 with AT95E
$350.00 - Denon DP-300F or Marantz TT42P
$400.00 - Pro-ject Debut Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red
$450.00 - Rega RP1 or Music Hall MMF 2.2

NeedleDoctor, Cruchfield, MusicDirect, ElusiveDisc, AcousticSounds, Hi-Fi Heaven, Amazon, etc.

Happy listening!
Audio Technica AT-120-USB, under $250, DD, solidly built, built-in phono preamp, USB interface and A/D converter. It even has adjustable tonearm height and now comes with the reasonably musical AT95E cartridge.

Includes built-in switchable power 115/230V AC, 50/60Hz.