Entry level tube pre with pass thru and remote?

Still trying to learn here, but can I please get a direction to look as far as:

1) Quality and Sound ofcourse

2) Pass thru for dual use as 2 channel and Home Theater, and remote control

3) Entry level price, nothing too fancy, just about the sound.
I have no idea who's product to look at or models, please give me some direction! and thanks all...
P.S. this is a slow learning process for me, not jumping into this overnight.
Sonic frontiers line 1 preamp, around $800-900.
And you will get to try out tubes.
I like the AR sp16. Most of the audio shops I go to use that as there basic amp.
ARC LS 16 mk1. (around $1400) Maybe a little bit more money than you are looking to spend, but a very good unit with all the features you are looking for. Won't have to upgrade either if you get one!
How about the TAD-150? Available on auction here regularly for around $800 w/damaged shipping box. Very good reviews here.
You described the NAD brand....super value with decent sonics.
NAD isnt into rubes from what I know
Trya a Juicy Music Peach at www.juicymusic.com. No association.
At $1-1.5K, a BAT VK3i is way more than entry level, but has the features you want and can hold its own with some pretty high end gear.
Take a serious look at the TAD-150. It has everything you described and is very reasonably priced. Paul is a great guy to deal with too. www.2baudio.com