Entry level tube integrated to replace T-Amp?


I'm currently using a T-amp with a NOS Dac (Derek Shek's) with a pair of original Snell K. I'm very happy with the set-up and amazed at how good things can sound at budget level. However while the Snells are tight, swinging, very open and aery, and delivers great soundstage and image with the T-Amp, they are also somewhat "bleached" in sound (as I've seen them described by someone). The T-Amp is a bit "thin" overall and creates a certain listening fatigue. The Snells are last on my list of updates, and I am therefore considering replacing the T-Amp with an entry level tube integrated to compensate for the Snell's somewhat "bleach" sound and the T-Amps somewhat "thin" sound, as well as to make the listening less fatiguing. I'm aware of at least three well reviewed tube integrateds: the Almarro 205, the Sophia Baby, and the Decware Zen. Is there anyone who has heard and compared those three amps and could give me some advice? PRaT (as the English say) is very important to me and I would vey much like to keep the T-Amp's good soundstage, image and detail.

Feel free to comment!
Hi Gilbodavid,

If I'm not mistaken the chip used in the Sig30 and TEAC are discontinued. There's now a different Tripath chip to take its place with similar output. I wonder if Jan will get the newer chip or buy the discontinued model at a discount?
Hi Gmood1 and Gilbodavid!

So it all comes down to two (or rather three) ways to go if one want's a T-Amp variant but can't get the RWA Sig. 30 right off (which I would if I could).

Not worth going with the Maestro, Clari-T or self-modded variants in same direction. Next step would be either a Charlize or an Octopus towards a Sig. 30. And last would be to wait for a 41Hz DIY amp similar to Sig. 30 but at lesser cost.

I really appreciate your help and will probably take the second step, Charlize or Octopus, if I don't decide for a tube integrated (and one does not exclude the other). I am quite tempted to try tubes at the moment and think it has come down to trying either an Almarro or a Decware Taboo, but as I said, one does not exclude the other and when I've tried a tube/Charlize/Octopus it might be possible to get a Sig. 30 used, who knows?

Again, thanks for your valuable feedback!
almarro 205 is a nice amp ir runs in pentode...puts out 4.5 watts great for jazz,small scale classical and some rock, the decware is better then the almarro even though its only a 2 watter...couse it has prat in spades...also everytime you change the rectifier for another brand ..its like you have a new amp again, this is a amp for tube rolling...you cant go wrong with this amp...! the baby sophia i cant comment on....