Entry level tube integrated for bedroom/office

Looking for entry level tube integrated to use in bedroom office system with 90db monitors. Budget$1k new....10 to 15 wrms. Looking at things like KingKo 01 pro, Musical Fidelity...others? Btw, first time tube buyer, listens to singer songwriter, blues, jazz, acoustic music, fingerstyle guitar, newgrass. Not looking to used as no techs where I live...risk management suggests new.  Thanks for feedback. 
Several years ago I bought a Jolida FX-10 integrated amp for a similar use as you mention. At the time, it was $599 but I think its gone up a hundred. Anyway, it is a small (about a 9 inch cube) EL84 driven integrated amp, only ten watts per channel. Should be fine with your 90db speakers. It sounds good for what it is and also looks good. Has glass top and open sides. Detachable power cord. 
Another vote for the Jolida FX-10. I use one for hours every day in a near-field setup in my office. The EL-84 output tubes seem perfect for that kind of setup and you can try different 12ax7s to tailor the sound a bit. I use Russian military 6P14P-EV tubes, an El84M equivalent, most of the time because they sound great and seem to be bulletproof, or Tungsram EL-84s, but every power tube I've tried has sounded good. It has a remote control, as well.
Oh, and I was very happy with a Cayin A-50T EL-34 powered integrated that was my primary amp for awhile. With upgraded Gold Lion KT-77s replacing the EL34s it was very impressive. It or any of the Cayin models come up for sale used fairly often and are a great bargain. I sold mine for $750. They’re made in the same factory as the Prima Luna amps, of similar quality but at lower prices because they are not marketed as heavily.
If you are ready to buy now, Morrow Audio has one remaining  Jolida FX-10 available in their Jolida liquidation sale. I'm not going to list the price here, but I will say it is price at 40% off of MSRP for a brand new unit.  
with your speakers in a bedroom system you could look at Decware  you arent going to rock out but the sound is magical
Jolida Fusion 3502P. Underwood HiFi has a nice special going on these (both EL34 and 6550 versions) right now — the EL34 is right at your budget and the 6550 is slightly over. I am not affiliated with the vendor, but had a good experience buying from them in the past.