Entry Level Tube Integrated

Today I had the idea of getting an entry level tube integrated amplifier to have some fun on the other side. The Jolita FX 10 Integrated Amplifier specifically peaked my interest. My wife is pretty much on board with this unit, but are there other small amps that look great that I should consider?

My primary system is an Integra 50.1 with Focal 836v speakers. The plan for the tube amp would be occasionally hooking it up to my cd player and the speakers. Will the sound be good enough to make it worth the time?
u might want to look at some of the great vintage tube receivers. I was floored when listening to a vintage Scott system using only 35watts going into a pair of vintage sound dynamics 300t speakers. Easy on the pocket and fabulous on the ears. Just a thought. Good luck.
I highly recommend a Cayin TA-30 integrated. All the better if you get it with the Bizzy Bee mods - about $600 used with mods I believe. You can't beat it for twice the price!
I use it in my bedroom system with a pair of Revel M20's and they can drive them well to all but concert levels. The only caveat is that it has no remote.
Very tube-like (midrange to die for) sound without being overly tubey. I'm a bit of a headbanger so being too tubey would not satisfy me but this unit does as long as I don't drive it too loud. It can use anything from EL34's to KT88's so roll your pleasure!
One more thing. While the Focals are pretty efficient (92db from the spec sheet) asking the Jolida FX10 - 12 watt amp - to drive them will be a tall order for anything remotely loud.
fyi, the Cayin TA30 is 30w with EL34's.
your speakers will not benefit from tube amplification due to unstable impedance.
plan to get easy driven speakers as for your secondary system along with entry level tube amp.
my choice would be vintage hh scott stereomaster 222c that uses EL84 power tubes and self-biased. so far it's the sweetest tube amp i've ever heard for less than $500 fully serviced and restored no snit! you can continue going vintage street for your speakers as well. 50's...60's models vintage having 8ohm or higher impedance are certainly the best match for your future amp.
you can also get vtl tube amp that is stable to 2ohm, but many of them having reliability issues and short tube life not suitable for entry-level tubes at all by all means.
In addition to the Cayin, I'd suggest auditioning the PrimaLuna integrated amps. I heard one a few weeks ago in a dealer's showroom and was very impressed.
I've been very happy with the Jolida FX-10, It's been completely reliable, the auto-bias function makes swapping tubes easy and it sounds very good, whether in my office system with JohnBlue JB3 single speakers or in my main system with DeVore speakers.

I'm sure there are excellent alternatives but my experience with the FX-10 over a couple of years of use has been very good.
Decware is a much better sounding unit and will drive the Focals......not to deafening levels. Steve Deckert is a magician.
Go with the Cayin line, better sound, value and service. I have many of their units and have never been disappointed.
Primaluna used is a good deal.

I will second the Decware but have efficient speakers 92db plus unless you get the Torii.

There is one out the a mkI for around 1100.00 but most of there other models need efficient speakers i run a mini torii at 4 watts with some Ref 3A de capos

your focals are 92db but may not be an easily driven with a low watt amp

also look at Vista Audio i had a great 10 wpc EL84 amp of theirs great value used
Some of the more powerful Jolida integrateds could allow more options, and are still a bargain. I'd get whatever 502 integrated is around since I enjoy my 502p so much, and it has plenty of power.
Thanks for the information.

I am leaning towards either a used Jolida 707A available at a local shop or a new Yaqin MC-30L that is advertised on audiogon. The local shop had the Yaqin in the store the other day and it sounded excellent and was significantly more impressive compared to the Naim UnitiLite that was available for a solid state comparison. Admittedly, the comparison of the Yaqin to the Naim is completely apples and oranges, but I think is fair to assume that the Naim includes a quality amplifier. The Jolida 707A would be a little bit more expensive, but I like the idea of supporting the local shop as he doesn't sell the Yaqin, though he recommends them and has offered to order it for since he has a working relationship with the designer/distributor.

The biggest issues I have with either of them is having a place to set it up. I think I can clear out some space in my cabinet where I can quickly remove the doors for a lot more ventilation when I'm actually using it.

Czarivey - I'm not sure why my Focal speakers wouldn't "benefit" from tube amplification? I'm not necessarily expecting the result to be "better" than what I have with my Integra 50.1 receiver. My goal is something that doesn't sound objectively worse in comparison and has the different tube sound.