Entry Level Tube Integrated

Today I had the idea of getting an entry level tube integrated amplifier to have some fun on the other side. The Jolita FX 10 Integrated Amplifier specifically peaked my interest. My wife is pretty much on board with this unit, but are there other small amps that look great that I should consider?

My primary system is an Integra 50.1 with Focal 836v speakers. The plan for the tube amp would be occasionally hooking it up to my cd player and the speakers. Will the sound be good enough to make it worth the time?
Tube amps have a totally different sound than SS and so in that respect it is worth it because trying things out is the nature of this hobby. I can only comment on tube integrateds in the $2k range but I have been very pleased with my experiences. My gut feeling is that The $500- $1k range would be equally satisfying.
Primaluna makes an awesome Integrated that is affordable and sounds wonderful. Jolida is nice too. Sound could be amazing with the Primaluna.