entry level TT

Hey, I am running a Dynaco st-70 (recapped stock circuit) with a PAS3 (also recapped stock circuit). I am looking into getting into some vinyl, but I don't have much of a budget. I was wondering if someone could recommend some good entry level TT, along the pricerange and quality of the dynaco stock setup, ~$200ish.
Try the Regas. Used P2 or P3 could be found for around $300. You can modify the arms later as your budget permits. I had an older P3 a while back with a PAS2 pre and Pilot260 amp and was happy with that set-up.
For that price I'm assuming you're thinking used. Think Technics SL1200, old Thorens, or newer Rega, Pro-Ject, or Music Hall. Be prepared to buy a new cartridge. Double your budget and you can think new if you want that. There's nothing any good that's new at that price, but perhaps you know that.
For $200, you could realistically go with the well-made Technics knock-off, the Audio-Technica AT-PL120. It was even well-reviewed in issue 11 of Tone Audio Online, p. 9, by the editor, whose main TT is a Rega P9.

Another great entry level TT that I know to work well with vintage Dynaco tube electronics is the Goldring GR1.2. I have a friend with an all-Dynaco rig and he replaced the pawnshop Dual with the Goldring and he was ecstatic over the improvement it made. I found him a demo closeout for something like $217, but they list around $449. The best price I saw this time around was LP Gear, but I think they're out of stock.

Thanks for the link to Tone Audio. I had forgotten about it and I really enjoyed the review of the AT tt. But! I even more enjoyed the review of The Tubes concert and the interview with Fee Waybill in the same issue. I was a huge fan in the 70's-80's and still listen to them today. Their "What do you want from Live" record is one of my all-time favorites. Anyway, the review prompted me to seek out the next local Tubes show so I can re-live what a real rock show was all about.......