Entry level Silent Source Signature speaker cables


Everybody talks about the Silent Source power cables.
I'm interested in buying the entry level Silent Source Signature speaker cables.
Has anybody listened to them ?
I currently own the Kubala Sosna Fascination

Hello Vincent, I have heard the Kubala Sosna Emotion and Silent Source Signature cables, these are two very different animals. The K-S is full, rich, and vibrant whereas the Silent Source is fast, articulate and revealing. Sort of like comparing Nordost cables with Cardas. They can each sound good with the proper gear, and depending on what sound the user is looking for.
Are you looking for musicality or resolution?


Did you ever get a pair of the Silent Source speaker cables? If so, what are yur thoughts about them?

I,too like the SS brand of cables. I had a wonderful demo while on business in Dallas TX. This is my new reference for interconnects and speaker cables.
My reference for power cords is still the Stage III Concepts offered by Aaudio Imports.
Keep us posted on your buying decision(s).

How do you like the Silent Source "Signature" speaker cables? Any details will be greatly appreciated. What other speaker cables have you used and how do they compare? Have you by chance compared them to the Silent Source Musical Reference?
+1 and I am interested how the Silent Source Reference power cable stack up against LessLoss DFPC Reference, CH Acoustic X-20 and Stealth Dream V10 PC or Silent Source Signature PC against the more affordable variants of the above mentioned manufacturers. It would be used between the power conditioner and wall socket for my main tube system where I seek the best of both worlds: musicality and resolution. Currently I use, as seen in my system, a mix of NordOst Valhallas (3x) and HiDiamond P4 (1x).
Thankful & Jazz-

I did listen to the signature version of SS. Not certain if the musical reference was on-hand or not. There were 2 speakers used for demo- TAD and Vandersteen Treo/Quattro.

The sound was full, rich, excellent timbre and fast.
These 2 systems also used WireWorld Electra 7- very nice sounding as well. Since this demo was my 1st. I would have to re-visit and sort out further details. I like the fact that Silent Source are hand-built, not junk-sourced to China like so many others (secretly).
Over the last 2 years, I have spent much time w/ Transparent Reference XL and OPUS systems. Excellent to outstanding is what you can expect at this performance level and cost. Associated gear was Audio Research Ref3 and Ref5 SE tube pre-amp(s) with ARC 150 and Bryston 3B/4B-ST power amps. As above, I endorse Stage III Concepts power cords (only). These are outstanding in every way. Offered by Aaudio Imports and not junk-sourced to China as well. Happy Listening All.
Anyone else enjoying the Silent Source cables/cords?
If so, please share your story. These are outstanding products IMO. Happy listening!
I own the Signature speaker cables, jumpers and interconnects. These are so well balanced as compared to most cables I have owned. The build quality is exceptional and they are very nice looking cables. To date they are my favorite because they don't highlight any particular frequency, instead I believe they give you the music as close to possible as the recording folks intended.
So good to hear from you Thankful!

Tell me about the rest of your gear?
Which genre(s) of music do you enjoy w/ your SS cables/cords?

Happy Listening!
I listen to just about everything except rap. The SS sound great with everything I have played.

I haven't got the Silent Source yet.
Yesterday, I compared my KS fascination to a Norsdost Heimdal.
I prefer the KS. High and Mid ranges are more detailed. The problem is the low end. Not enough details and dynamic.
I had the same feeling with the KS Emotion.
KS is very musical, transparent and detailed, but it lacks of dynamic, and I don't like the low end.

Great to gear from you, Vincent & Thankful-

The KS cables/cords are on my short-list to demo as well, having heard, at length, the Silent Source Signature IC w/ Musical Reference power cords (PC). It is so great to have these companies that make such superb offerings.
As w/ most elite cables/cords like this, gear -dependency comes into play on some level.Keep me posted guys & happy Listening!
Well we are into 2015-
hopefully some new fans will get on the bus for Silent Source cables/cords. Vincent & Thankful how are you guys doing? Are you guys still using SS cables/cords? If not, what cables/cords are you using in your systems?
Keep me posted & happy listening!
I have just inserted a pair of these speaker cables in my system. I am using Kimber Kable Hero interconnects and some home brew power cords. I have had them for 3 days and I am very impressed with them. They have a wide soundstage and are very focused. The leading transients one of the most striking characteristics of this cable in my opinion. Voices have a lively and free flowing nature. They are very transparent but do not render many of your recordings unlistenable. Stringed instruments are a joy with these cables. They have very quick and have great pace. My only complaint so far is they seem a little lean in the bass department. Don't get me wrong the bass is tuneful and tight but so far I feel the bottom octave is not up to par. I will try and report back after they have accumulated more hours on the cables.
Nice! Chuck-

give the cables time to burn-in properly. Do you have the Signature or Musical Reference model? How did you come across Silent Source? These do not come up often in the used/demo market place. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I have the Signature speaker cables. I bought them off another site. So far they are exactly what the doctor ordered. The bass is really starting to improve as well. They have tremendous instrument separation. I will report when they accumulate more hours.
Does anyone know why Frank Dickens stopped making the Silver Signature line of cables? I recall being very impressed with a pair of these interconnects.
I know they are discontinued now, but I don't know why. Price wise they were in between the Signature and The Music Reference, though closer to the Signature.
Very nice! Chuck- I look forward to reading your review.
what other gear is in your system?

Jmcgrogan2- send FD an email and I am sure he will entertain your query. Are you using SS cables or cords in you system as well? Keep me posted All- Happy Listening!
Jafant, no I am not using any SS cables or cords at this time. I have been keeping my eye out, and I came very close to buying a Music Reference power cord, but the timing didn't work out. Perhaps next time.

The only SS I've heard in my system was a friend's Silver Signature interconnect, which I was very impressed with.
Any level Silent Source, is outstanding Silent Source. Yes, I would start w/ a power cord (PC) as well. Hope you get a second chance. These cables/cords do not appear on the used marketplace often- so do not miss your opportunity.
Keep me posted & Happy listening!
i have 3 of the SS Music Ref pcs and they are great..
Very nice -Calloway. What other gear is in your system?
Are you planning to use the Silent Source IC(s) as well?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Jafant...my i/cs and speaker cables are High Fidelity CT-1U cables that are the best i have ever tried. i will eventually replace the SS with the HF pcs too. My amps are Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET monoblocks..only 2 pair in the world. My speakers are Tidal 'Contriva Diacera-SE.My only source is a Lumin A1 Network Music Player.I will be demoing a Luminous Audio Passive Preamp this weekend to see what improvement or not it makes. Thanks for asking..
Thanks! for sharing -Calloway.
most of your gear, I am not familiar with, the HF cables/cords are on my short-list to demo someday.
You will be able to sell your SS pc(s) very easily- this brand is slowly, but surely getting press. Happy Listening!
I still love my Silent Source Signature speaker cables. In my system they are the best I have ever used. I have had much more expensive speaker cables but none were this good. I believe you would have to spend mega-dollars to better them. They are keeps unless I win the lotto then I will go to the Musical Reference:)
For you guys who enjoy SS signature cables/cords, you owe it to yourself to demo the Musical Reference offerings as Thankful has suggested. Either way these are remarkable products that make beautiful music. Happy Listening!
Alright guys. My Silent Source Signature cables have reached a point where they have stabilized. The construction is first rate albeit a bit underwhelming compared to other cables. The cables are very flexible and install easily. The first thing you notice when you hear them is how vibrant the cables sound. They are well balanced and extremely quiet. They are a bit chameleon like in that they are very neutral cables. They convey what is on the recording. I would say they lean a bit to the lean side in my system. They are very transparent. Background vocals and instruments are easily located and occupy their own space. Vocalist such as Norah Jones's Nightingale voice soar. Her voice is front and center with immediacy and impact. Strings are a revelation. One can hear the pick strumming each individual string. The strings vibrations can be heard with incredible nuance and delicacy. I have heard the old cliche printed many times on audio boards of "veils being lifted." I can say with all honesty that the veil has been lifted on my system with these cables. They may be a bit too revealing in some systems but if you crave speed, dyanamics, and transparency you may find these cables fit the bill.
Welcome! Chuck-

good to hear you like SS cables/cords. Tell me, what other gear is in your system?

Whenever you can get a demo on the Musical Reference! Keep me posted & Happy Listening! JA

My system consists of the following.

Avalon Eidolon Diamond speakers
MSB Technology DAC IV with UMT Transport
VAC Signature IIa
VAC Renaissance Signature 140 Monoblocks.
Kimber 1126 interconnects
Silent Source Signature Speaker cables.
Shunyata Venom AC cables.
Zoethecus Rack and amp stands.
You have a very nice system -Chuck. Thanks! for sharing. I enjoy reading about the various combos of speakers/gear that jives well w/ SS cable/cords. Are you going to go all- Silent Source? Now, go play some good music! Happy Listening!
I will after hearing the speaker cables I will gradually change over all my cabling to Silent Source cables. They work very well in my system.
Very nice system Chuck!
You may want to try The Music Reference cables with gear that nice!
Excellent discussions guys. If only more people knew about these outstanding cables/cords...Keep the info flowing and Happy Listening!
Couldn't agree more! I have recently switched over to Silent Source cables and I couldn't be happier. Maybe the best kept secret in high end audio!