entry level Discovery or Audience products.....

Contemplating going with either of these highly rated products...both ics and cables...based on their "musical "strengths" vs. audiophile sparkle...any last minute thoughts? My main criteria is slightly smooth but very open midrange, decent detail, and solid bass....
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Is it permissible to mention that your way of describing the attributes of the wires is not very enthusiastic?
For your chosen attributes delivered in a superior way, and with deceptively low entry level pricing, check out the custom work of [email protected]
$120 for pair of interconnects, and $180 foer eight foot pair of speaker cables is reasonable list pricing, and if you fail to be thrilled, you can get your money back under his home trial system.
Home trial lets you decide at leisure, with your own system, and familiar music. I kept mine, and use in more than one system. I think you will be more certain of getting what you really want if you get to hear an alternative in real life, rather than just having to rely on the opinion of whichever member has the more persuasive posting.
discovery interconnects are pretty good imo. very musical and on the ever so warm side of neutral. the further you move up the line, the better the resolution at the extremes.

i havent tried the speaker cable but i would trust the reviews on this one.

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Discovery has special pricing now on their original IC, a "NOS" discovery in the warehouse. Very low prices, might be of interest to you. I use their Essence in one application and like it very much, and I bought a couple of these NOS specials for my budding HT system.
I have a 6 foot pair of Discovery Signature spkr. cable if you are interested.
Gotta vote for the Discovery. I just purchased the NOS ic's advertised here and they are excellent! Much better than the MIT 330 cvt I was using on my CDP to Preamp. They are an excellent value at 90.00 for a 1 meter pair.. Definately give them a shot!
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I'll havta weigh in for the Audience products. Haven't experienced Discovery but was pleasently surprised by the additional detail, smooth delivery, firm bottom end and open soundstage of the AU24 ICs and speaker cables. Now I'm trying the powerCord set.
If the top model Discovery and Audience cables are any indication of their entry level cables, then I would go with Audience.

I lived with a system's worth of Discovery Essence (a few IC's) and an 8-ft run of the Essential speaker wire for about 4 weeks.

In my system, the Discovery seemed to restrict dynamics or damped something down in the presentation. The sound was good, but something critical was missing. In all other respects, the Discovery Essence / Essential combo was the best cables I have ever had in my system--and that includes some more expensive stuff from Xindak and Nordost.

The Discovery's tonal balance = dead-nuts correct, timbre colors = same; detail = revealing but not over-blown or exaggerated, perspective was just right--mid-to-back hall with the right proportions. Were it not for that feeling of restriction, the Essence and Essential would be the cables for me.

My system is now has Audience Au24 (including DIN phono) throughout. The Audience Au24 cabling sounds quite dynamic in my set-up AND it's cheaper than the Discovery stuff. Au24 is also perhaps more time coherent than Essence/Essential and more transparent and revealing over all, but the perspective can be a bit forward in some cases. The highs can be a little hot with the Au24; I think this may just be the result of the Au24 showing the faults of my speakers or speaker placement.

System = VPI TNT 3.5/SME V/Benz LP; Lukaschek PP-1(phono stage): Ayre CX-7; First Sound Presence Dlxe 4.0; Cary SLAM-100 monos; Coincident Super Eclipse; Silent Source Power cords throughout, Au24 Signal cables. Arcici Suspense Rack. PS audio power ports. Two 20-amp dedicated lines.
i bought 2 prs of discovery NOS ,they worked much better in my system than audioquest corals ,signal analog 2,and apature black beauty,have not compared to any others,,
you can audition the both of them from the manufacture..i think that would be the best way to find out...
Discovery. Joe has been making great cables for many years. They were my first cables about 10 years ago, the original orange ones.