entry level bluray?

At a party last night my cousin asked me about bluray. I'm into two-channel audio and am patheticly ignorant in regard to video, but I told him I'd find out. Does bluray play "regular" DVD's? And I'm guessing he's interested in a reliable entry level player: Can you recommend some intro players? Two Questions.
I have the basic Samsung BD1600 and it's just fine other than being slow at times and having a few minor issue. My point is that just about any entry level player is adequate for the majority of people. Samsung initially had the most available features such and Netflix, Pandora and such which is why I have one.

As long as they have an HDMI tv there isn't really a difference. If they want to use home theater sound they will either need a receiver with HDMI inputs and the ability to decode the HD formats or a blu ray plater that can output all 7.1 channels via RCA connection. There area a few entry level players that will do this.
Yes, they play regular DVDs and CDs. Some play SACD and DVD Audio as well as NetFlix, and other online services. Oppo does all well and plays back FLAC files through it's USB input.
OK, Thanks. Oppo sounds good.
The Oppo mentioned is indeed an excellent player and is highly recommended... That said, I would not in any way classify it as "entry-level." It actually is the best player on the market for relatively sane money, IMO.

If your friend is indeed looking for "entry level" and has HDMI inputs, then I would recommend something like the Panasonic BDT-110 which will give him most of the Internet goodies and Blu-ray playback quality the best players have, just no legacy multi-channel outputs and no SACD. It streets at about $125-$130 online, versus just under $500 for the admittedly excellent Oppo.

Just to clarify, I am not in any way saying the Oppo is not worth every cent of that price tag (or more)... just that it is in a completely different class than an entry-level unit like the 110, and your friend may not need that kind of build quality. If $500 is not an issue, then I say have at it. :-)

Ok, Dave. What is the purpose of the multi-channel outputs and the HDMI? Sorry to be so ignorant. I'm trying to catch up.
multi channel inputs are rca jacks for every channel or speaker in the
system. Older recievers that dont have HDMI at minimum need a player
with that style outputs to take advantage of latest surround sound
advances that bluray offers. HDMI takes care of this for you.....mind you
that a player needs an internal decoder to get the latest sound advances
when you go the multi channel route. In general SACD requires these
multi channel rca jacks with 1 exception being Oppo. Oppo as noted is
about as good as it gets for video...for music its an average unit but its
silly cheap for what you get.
What *he* said. ;-)

Sorry, just checked the thread again now and saw your question, but Chad beat me to it. ;-)

Thanks, guys. It's embarrassing to be this ignorant. I'd like to think I know a little about audio. But you have made this point very clear to me. Lynne
If you have the time---how would the HK Blueray (Ithink it is a BDP 1) reman being auctioned on ebay currently compare to the Panasonic that you recommend? Lynne
The main concern for me would be whether or not the HK has internet capabilities for firmware upgrades, NetFfix etc. and a USB input that will play back files from a thumb drive. SACD and DVDA playback would be nice. You may not care. You can compare at amazon.com
While I have no direct knowledge of the BDP-1, after looking at Amazon, it would appear to have many detractors. Some of the key comments indicated relatively poor quality and slow load times. As it has been out for a while, I too would be concerned about its Internet functionality compared to many of the newer players on the market as was mentioned by Rwwear. If Internet is not a concern, then it may work out if the price is right, but my guess is Panasonic, Oppo or a number of other brands that have newer units will offer better functionality for reasonable money.

OK. Thanks. Your comments are very instructive. I think I'm on my way and the Panasonic is probably the best choice right now. Lynne
Lynne if you ever have a quick question email me. Cheers
Thanks, Chadnliz. Great to know. Count on it. Lynne