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Hi everyone, I just got myself a pair of B&W floorstanders (683S2) to "improve" the audio quality of my music and movies. I currently have an A/V receiver ( Pioneer Elite VSX45). I am not sure if it is the best piece to drive the speakers. I am thinking about getting an integrated amplifier but unfortunately my receiver  doesn't have any analog or digital outputs. My main source of music is streaming (spottily and tracks via Apply AirPlay), my 4K TV is connected to the receiver via HDMI ARC. I have two options

1) get a better 7-channel receiver with more power, but I am not sure if this will necessarily improve the audio quality beyond what I have now.

2) Ditch the receiver, get an integrated amplifier with digital inputs and then hook up a network player or Bluetooth module to stream music. I have been looking at Cambridge AudioAzure 651/Topaz RS20, Yamaha AS-501 or Marantz PM6005. 

which option would give better overall audio quality. 

While I am after better quality I am not such an audiophile and I would like to keep the budget low if possible hence the budget amps. 

Yaqin (or similar)Class A EL34 or KT88 Tube integrated amp with outboard DAC(Peachtree Audio DACiTx).An entry level tube integrated will outperform any SS amp in the same price range.Better imaging & soundstaging as well as more tonal color.Tubes will also tame the tendency toward stridency the metal woofers & tweeter can be prone to.
You said it best...Ditch the receiver, get an integrated amplifier.

I can't speak to any of those particular amps, but it's important to audition them, possibly at a Best Buy Magnolia.

For a well respected integrated w/ DAC, there is the Peachtree Audio Nova. It's more than your budget, so you'd have to look used.
Emotiva just released a new line of products called Emersa.  Among those offerings lies a 100 watts/ch. integrated amp with the inputs you seek, the EPI-1 - $799. It looks like Dirac Live room correction is part of the package.  Dirac is a top of the line room correction system that will improve the sound quality of almost every room in which the system is placed.
The new Emersa line from Emotiva won't be available until after they are introduced at the 2016 CES.  So probably around February or March of 2016.

You have very nice speakers but I doubt that the entry level Elite AVR you have has the stones to properly drive them.  Isn’t it a shame that the very AVR’s that need pre-outs the most, entry level ones, don’t have them.  

Unless you absolutely want surround sound, your Option #1 is not an option at all.  Even a high powered AVR will not deliver the performance needed for quality reproduction of music.

So your Option #2 is the best one.  Even an integrated amp at the prices of those models you site, $500-$700, will smoke a flagship AVR costing $2000 plus when it comes to 2 channel stereo and overall audio quality.

Integrated - NAD
thanks, I want to keep it below $1000. NAD is nice but it doesn't have digital inputs and gets pricey.

what are your thoughts about Cambridge Audi CX-A80 

Peachtree nova 220se

I agree about the NAD.  And sure they offer digital inputs.  Any of the DAC models in NAD’s BEE line of integrateds.

The 356BEE DAC with 80 real wpc & DAC should work nicely with your speakers.  And at below your budget.

I agree with Paraneer.  I use an NAD 356Bee in a 2nd system and believe it to be an excellent product, however feel the additional power provided by the 356 would prove beneficial with your speakers.   
it only has a single optical input?