Entry level amp?

I have a shanling STP 80 with a pair of VR2 speakers, looking for something more powerful than the 35 watts that my current system puts out. Sounds nice however my speakers need a little bit of power to sound better. Any good american made entry level amp (intergrated) that will offer me what I am looking for? I am a conscious budget consumer :)
Id try a a Cambridge Audio 640. I know there British and not American, but I cannot think of one made in the states that is
for the budget minded.
nice sim i3 up for 1075.00.
Try a Conrad Johnson MF- 2200. That was my first amp. I loved it!!. Good Luck, Marc
try Canadian also .... Sim Moon I5 is excellent ... solid state not tube however (you don't mention whether you want to stick with tubes)
What's your budget? Does the amp need to be made in the US? Tube? Solid state?
Maybe a Portal Panache will strike your fancy.
Well, I prefer Tube system not SS. I love tubes and I wouldnt go back to solid state, just my taste. My budget is at around 1K for the amp.
Look at the Portal Panache. Made in USA. Only downside is no remote control.
Portal Pananche is a solid state isnt she? I want tube! Hmmm yummmie I LOVE TUBES!
Cary SLI-80 or Rogue integrated
For tube, I would get a Cary SLI80. Sounds awesome and you can tailor the sound easily with different tubes. Not to mention being able to change from UL to triode is really cool. Quite powerful and has lots of tubes too!
TAD-60 for around 1K. Read the reviews.. 60 WPC. Drives my Vandy 2ce sigs very well...
Just curious any of these entry american-made amp you would recommend in a HT system with the latest gen like HDMI? I will be using Definitive Tech BP7004 and CLR2500 - Any recommendation/suggestion? I would like to stick with American if possible - Does Vandersteen makes speakers with build in subs?