entry into analog for naim/totem system

I need advice on how to get into analog. A recent post about children and hi-fi got me reminiscing about my childhood and LPs. I still have all the LPs I grew up with, and suddenly feel the need to add analog to my system. What's a good turntable/tonearm/cartridge combo to match my Naim Supernait/Totem Hawk system (see system link for full details)?
How much do you want to spend?
Rega is a good place to look.
Sorry, forgot budget: $2000, with $500 of that for the Stageline for my Supernait.
Rega P5, TTPSU, Dynavector 10x5

If this is over budget, get the P3 with TTPSU. The P3 with it is better than the P5 without it to my ears.

Rega TTs are a natural choice with Naim. Dynavectors work very well with both too.