Enthusiast Audio Scene in Russia?

This is in the nature of a query. In another thread, about shipping equipment to Russia, some folks chimed in about the market there and how they buy and bring in equipment from the States, UK, etc. 
That led me to wonder what the scene for enthusiast gear is like in Russia-- not the stuff you can buy anywhere, but older gear from the Soviet era, any newer interesting or obscure gear we don't generally see in the Western markets, etc.
Not intended to provoke debate about politics or current affairs.
bill hart
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Yogi- the second link looks out of this world.....
I often purchase CDs off Discogs. So many times I see a Russian seller with a used Mint (or Near Mint) condition CD, while all the other sellers' items are graded at a lower category, and sometimes the Russian one is even the cheapest of the bunch.

Not going to make any "sweeping generalizations", but it sure makes me wonder. So I don’t buy anything from Russian sellers.