Enter The Haggis

I picked up their live CD Northampton at the record show sunday. It is very good. Is anyone else here familiar with them?
Is that the new Scottish group that used to call themselves, "The Sheep Stomach" ?

Aye and for sure mate. Not really, they are from Toronto. They are a rock band with Scottish influences. They play fiddles, bagpipes etc as well as regular rock type instuments.
My favs from this album:

I've got ewe under my skin
Sheep of fools
Baa baa black bird
Light the lambpost

Highly recommended.
Funny Comediofeil, I like it.
At least we're keeping the thread alive.

Wonder if Haggis sounds better with Lamm equipment?
No problem with the levity. That would be very hippo critical of me.
Anyone with that good a sense of humor wins me over. I'm going over to AMG and listen to some samples of their music, maybe buy a copy.
Let me know what you think Albert.
I have two of there CDs, Soapbox Heros and Casualties of Retail, like em both and am going to start looking for the new one. Only wish they would tour on the West Coast.
Amazon has the new one for pre-order. Mine is a promo I bought at the record show in Atl. It is a live recording.