Entech 2.5 setup -- Toronto area expert?

I just purchased a used VPI 19 IV with a Entech 2.5 arm at a pawn shop. Seems to be in good condition, but having been out of vinyl for 20 years, I was wondering if any one could recommend a good source in the Toronto area that can set this stuff up properly. Also, it looks like I need some sort of air pump for this arm. Does anyone know any sources for this pump? Any help from Entech owners would be appreciated.
contact Gary at Better Music in St. Catharines (1 hour away)
phone 905-682-4301,he's the best in the area.
Hey Lorne,

Its actually an Eminent Technology ET2.5 arm. If you look up E.T.'s website (use Stereophile.com's Manufacturer Links page) you will find info on the arm there. I can't speak about the fellow and shop in St. Catherines but Mike Oddie at Alternative Audio here in Dundas Ontario has a well deserved rep. with turntables. I've seen more than one ET arm equipped 'table pass through his shop.

Happy Trails!
Thanks, Carver and Vince --Vince you're right, it is Eminent Tech. I was impressed with Altenative Audio, having just been there last week. Well set up rooms, good equipment synergy and matching, and no overblown hype. I may well take your suggestion, as St.Catherines is a wee bit too far of a trek. --Lorne