Entec Number Cruncher plus G&D UTP-1

Hi all,

I am an infrequent visitor here, and was wondering how the above combo is holding up after all of these years? Is there a lot out there that can beat it, or does it still hold it's own despite it's age? Last I heard was the Exemplar's were comparable but still slightly amusical next to this combo. Have things changed considerably the last couple of years?

Thanks for your feedback.

I owned this combination for many years, and had them updated faithfully as available. I now own an Exemplar 3910, and it is FAR better (in every way) than the G&D/Cruncher combo. I know Bob Crump thought the combo was better than the Exemplar 2900, but I believe he may have heard an Exemplar using a tube that made it sound "thin" or "bright" (what I think he may have called "amusical"). Anyway, hope this helps.
Before moving on from this combo, I decided to audition different digital cables connecting the two. Eureka! The Pure Note Enhanced Paragon Digital is a stunner (after burn-in). If anyone has this setup, I strongly suggest that you give it try.