Entec L-F20 Who knows the wiring?

Hi, I recently removed the drivers for new surrounds. The problem is, I forgot how the drivers were wired. I believe they were connected in parallel, because there are 2 wires from the amp and 2 wires that connected the 2 speakers together. The 2 drivers are 4 ohm, which means that the amp would be presented with a 2 ohm load in parallel. This seems unlikely to me. Does anyone know if this amp is stable at 2, 4 or 8 ohms? Any knowledgeble advice is greatly appreciated.
if i remember correctly, the set of wires from the amp goes to the top driver (w/ the servo), and then a set of jumpers goes off that driver to the lower driver.

i recall hearing that the amp is a class D switching job, so it should be able to handle 2ohm i think.

then again, my memory may be wrong.
Thanks Rhyno, That was exactly how I remembered it. I began to second guess myself when I though about the 2 ohm load.
Dear Ballen1,
I can't offer any answers about the wiring of the drivers. I used to sell Entecs about 8 years ago, but my memory isn't solid enough to give you a recommedation. I do have an Entec LF-X (the baby model) with rotted surrounds and I would be grateful to know who you went to for repair and if you're satisfied with the results.
Much obliged,