Ensemble Mega Powerpoint cable

Hello everyone,

I am negotiating to buy a "Ensemble Mega Powerpoint" AC distributor cable. I looked at the www.aaudio.com site
and they say "The MEGA POWERPOINT power (6 outlet AC distribution) unit strip looks just like the standard one, but has a dedicated, top-of-the-line MEGA POWERFLUX PC and uses MEGA wiring internally".
My question is: How do I tell the difference between the 'Standard' and the 'Mega' one?
Has anyone had any experience with these particular 6 AC outlet power cables?

Thank you in advance.
I've got one, it sounds great. I sold my PS 300 after hearing it.
Yup- I have the Mega PP- works well, especially with the Ensemble Isolink and their Powerflux FSF cables.
You'll know you have the upgraded Power Point if it has the very dark purplish Mega Powerflux cord. But Artistic Audio, the distributor of the Ensemble line, is always getting these newer, more upgraded models in and the more recent Power Points may have some wiring upgrades that weren't in the older models. I don't know. I have one that is about 1 year old now, and it is great. Maybe there have since been some changes, but I'm not going to worry about it. Ask your seller how long ago he bought the Power Point you're interested in. I have bought excellent used Ensemble stuff on this site from both Jeff Gallagher and JR Boisclair (goes by email name "junedog" I think).