Ensemble Cables? Anyone Use them?

I've recently noticed several dealers "pushing" the Ensemble line of cables and interconnects. Specifically the MegaFlux (highest end) line. When I say "pushing" I don't mean it in a negative way. I just mean they are REALLY enthusiastic about it.

The dealers have informed me that the Ensemble MegaFlux is SO good, it is replacing the highest grade Kimber Select and others in many systems.

The MegaFlux retails for $1400 and change for an 8' run compared to the Kimber which is apparently over 7,000 bucks (I don't know actual price because I haven't priced it).

Hopefully some of you have had experience with this cable and manufacturer. If so.. Please tell what YOU think. How does this Ensemble cable to other cables you've tried?
As far as I know, a Swiss citizen, there are no Ensemble dealers in the USA. Just one guy in South California importing the product. Maybe he is just economically scared and, therefor, the "bargains." Caveat emptor!
I purchased 3 Ensemble power cords and have been pleased with their sound and build quality.
Zurichmensch, perhaps I confused the term 'dealer' with importer. There are a few of these so called importers in the US. AAudio.com must be the Southern California vendor you are speaking of. Do you honestly believe that these folks would make strong claims for Ensemble cables due to being "economically" scared? That seems ridiculous to me.

I've read as much is available on-line about Ensemble and most claim it to be a superior cable and non system dependent.

Have you actually heard these cables or are you basing your judgement and speculation only on the fact that you are a Swiss citizen?
Hi, I've purchased power cords and power conditioning products from Brian at Artistic Audio, the Ensemble importer/dealer in SoCal you are talking about, as well as used Ensemble digital cables (2) and a set of Ensemble Megaflux speaker cable from Audiogon. All these products are excellent, in my opinion, though I'm no expert in power conditioning stuff, the only power upgrade I had previously done was dedicated circuits in my listening room. There are occasionally some used Ensemble for sale on audiogon, and Brian offers great prices on the new stuff. Start out w/something small and if you like it try some more. I think the stuff is great and reasonably priced even new.
I bought an Ensemble p/c from Brian and very happy with it eversince. Using it in my Sony 777es cdp and by far, is the best p/c I've tried.
I've talked to Brian at Artistic Audio He is a great guy. Brian seems to love the Ensemble cables too.

Also.. Read about these on Audio Asylum in the cable forum. There are a few interesting threads discussing how some prefer these Ensembles to high end FIM cables.